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How did this city become what it is today? How do people live and move around it? What drives its inhabitants and how do they contribute to their city?

20 cities + 100 correspondents - A collective intention

Since launching A City Made By People in 2014, it has been our intention to build a global network of like-minded citizens. Correspondents who know that their cities are more than a collection of hotspots, and that the human, social context provides a sense of belonging, acceptance and direction on what is trending and how a city is evolving.

After all, it’s people who give our cities life and meaning.

From Vancouver to Melbourne, from Tricity to Tokyo, there’s something that binds and drives us, an urge to share our insights and exchange knowledge with fellow citizens.

Capture, show and share - an exchange of knowledge

With teams of enthusiastic city correspondents, we create weekly online features content, host monthly speaker events and bi-annually publish a print journal.

Whether the stories are about passionate individuals or initiatives, our objective is to celebrate those who make our cities more liveable.

Want to collaborate? 


Are you a city enthusiast eager to see your city added to our network and run a team? We’re more than happy to have a chat – just get in touch.


Are you a writer, photographer, illustrator or film professional? We’re always in need of people to capture our cities.

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