1 year - 6 cities - Watching & talking trends

We are lived by events. Every single week, there are tons of hosted events we can attend. But there are only a rare few where you feel that the entire of Europe is present in one room: talking about trends.

Published by Robin on 02/06/2015

I was both delighted as thrilled last week Wednesday, to attend the Trendwatching Live seminar, a first-timer for the city of Amsterdam.

Trends as a driver

Trendwatching.com is known for its compelling framework of worldwide consumer trends and for many professionals THE starting point in building businesses, innovating processes and products, creating marketing campaigns, etc.

Established in 2002, their mission can be best described as: we help forward-thinking business professionals in 180+ countries understand the new consumer and subsequently uncover compelling, profitable innovation opportunities.

So, as a frequent reader of these reports, it was time to attend the seminar at a striking location at De Hallen, looking forward to be inspired, meet new people and talk to the ones making the seminar happen.

Henry Mason taking the stage, Managing Director of TrendWatching.

TrendWatching's Head of Trends & Insights, David Mattin talking about the newest & most actionable trends right now.

From inspiration to action

The seminar was a full-on day, consisting of 8 different topics, varying from mapping different consumers, experiencing the newest and most relevant trends through industry examples, listening to panel discussions, but also to immediately apply the gained insights through exercises on your existing current business challenge.

Deep Dive Panel, talking about sustainability with the Food Cabinet, Philips, Studio Tjeerd Veenhoven and Fairphone.

Applying Trends To Thinking Big with Bas Verhart, Co-Founder of THNK.

From watching at to interacting with a mixed crowd

Next to an inspiring line up of speakers and industry examples, the crowd also added to the energy of the seminar, raising questions and looking for debate. We met some very inspiring individuals, from various industries and cities, such as Edenspiekermann Berlin, Trigger in Oslo, Schiphol Group Amsterdam, etc.


As the seminar wrapped up around 5pm, it was time for me to shake hands and have a chat with the team members making this happen.

David (Head of Trends & Insights) & Marina (Marketing Director).

Hi David, how did you experience this first seminar in Amsterdam?

We know it’s a super challenging crowd since we’re conscious that trends are huge in the Netherlands. To a certain extend it’s the home of consumer trends: a very demanding crowd and we knew we had to be on top of our game to impress them, to show them things that they haven’t seen before.

But that’s exciting for us, we want to test ourselves and make sure our trends are really new and inspiring. So to kick off here was really cool, a very enthusiast crowd, everyone really engaged with the trends and the content, a lot of good feedback, so it has been great fun.

That means you’ll have to be back then?

Yes, we’ll be back. First of all we have to go back to London, New York, Sao Paulo, Singapore, so we will be back maybe this time next year. But in the meantime, check out the free content online.

Marina, was it hard to create some excitement around the seminar?

Well, it’s becoming more and more challenging, because there are so many innovation events to compete with, but we clearly got a unique value proposition: taking not just the ideas and innovations, but turning them into actionable and meaningful customer-facing innovations. We cover the end-to-end, from a-z.

Harry (Digital Marketing executive)

What has your experience been of this seminar today Harry?

My experience has been very positive, I’ve been running around all day, but I’ve met a lot of people from a various range of industries, very willing and open to talk. But I would expect that from a seminar in Amsterdam. Content was great. I mostly look at the content all day at the office, but I feel like we really succeeded with this one. A great day!

For everyone else, I’m not here to share any spoilers of seminar contents… so if you’re near to any of the upcoming cities, I would encourage you to attend one of the TrendWatching Live Seminars. You’ll be inspired and meet lots of likeminded people from various industries.

Check out the exact schedule here: trendwatching.com/live

We’re happy that TrendWatching has chosen to partake with us Amsterdammers. It’s been great in having you here and hope to seeing you next year!

- Robin -

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