5 noisy places to get inspired

Local coffee shops are rapidly opening everywhere in Oslo. There are suddenly more empty tables where you sit and get creative. The waiters and waitresses are finally more patient when you take out your Mac or notebook. A new era in Oslo’s coffee culture is upon us!

Published by Guest on 09/04/2015

Some say they can’t write in public, they need to write at home, where it’s quiet and they’re alone, otherwise they can’t get any work done. Luckily I’m not like that, I’ll bring my Mac, notebook and notes and occupy a table or two for several hours, while only enjoying one cup of coffee (My current record being seven hours!).

After getting inspired by sitting in coffee shops in cities like Amsterdam and Paris, and getting some major work done, I have discovered that Oslo is quietly becoming a city that can provide an exciting atmosphere that can get your creative flow – flowing?

These are some of the places where I like to get creative.

Grisen: it’s dingy and named after a pig. You can buy wine if your get writer’s block and even though the place is huge, and around lunchtime it fills up, it provides a cave-like atmosphere and isolation that is great when you want to write. If the weather allows it you can sit outside.

Where is it? I’ll give you a hint to its whereabouts: It’s hip, but unpretentious. Quiet, but never boring. 

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Chillout Travel Centrewhile it may not be as noisy as the rest of the establishments on my list, it’s part café, part bookstore, so there might be the occasional customer that comes looking for books. The space has a basement you can seek refuge in and it’s filled with travel books, what’s not inspiring about that? They also sell the most amazing chilli chocolate buns. 

Where is it? You can find Chillout Travel Centre in the midst of Markveien – a busy shopping street in Grünerløkka. 

Photo courtesy: www.lifeinnoreway.net 

Kolonihagen: because it's lovely there, they have tiny private rooms where you can sit and work and drink coffee. The service is great and they have a backyard where you can sit and soak up the sun. Next to the best homemade bread, they serve breakfast and lunch, and everything comes wrapped in tiny packages.

Where is it? Not far away from Chillout Travel Centre, also in Markveien.

Photo courtesy: www.spottedbylocals.com 

Kolonialen: The interior is lovely and when it’s full it doesn’t feel crowded. It makes you feel like you are sitting in a fabulous kitchen, with a park view if you sit by the windows. The space has an open wall solution with the next door interior store Eske, so you can shop for pretty things if you ever need a break from work.

Where is it? It’s a hidden gem in Bislett, so you’ll have to really look for it if you want to go there.

Photo courtesy: www.kolonialen.no and www.osloby.no 

Laundromat Café: located in the heart of Bislett, an exciting and populated area, there is always something to watch outside. They serve great burgers and they have a private balcony that gives to a great view of the entire place, it’s the perfect place to people watch. Next to a large library, and a tiny library nook with two very cosy chairs, you can wash your clothes there while you work. 

Where is it? Right in the middle of Bislett, right next to Bislett Bad, and the stadium. 

Photo courtesy: www.inwardsun.wordpress.com and www.citinerary.net 

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