5 places in Oslo for hamburger lovers

One of the trendiest foods in Oslo right now is the humble hamburger. In Oslo last year there was even a championship to decide where the best burger in town is served. When the results where published far from everyone agreed, cause people have their own favourites after all.

Published by Bianca on 12/03/2015

Gourmet junk food is easy to love. You get to eat with your hands, and feel as a child again (in many ways, it is children’s food for adults). The fatty goodness with a lot of calories contradicts all the get-thin-mentality surrounding us all the time, and you get to drink beer. They should be served with a unique twist and perfect fries.

A trending phenomenon

An answer to why burgers are so popular right now might be just as simple as “everyone eats burgers”. The food does not belong to one particular class or demographic in society. Here are 5 burger places to check out for all of you hamburger lovers, not in any specific order.


Munchies are one of the places that have made Torggata so popular again. Students and businesspeople alike come here, to eat burgers fried in a lot of butter and with fries or coleslaw as a side. This is the perfect place to make a pit stop at after your after work and before you go out dancing. Although the food is served in a simple cafeteria environment, this is really a part of the charm with Munchies.

Døgnvill Burger

Located on Vulcan next to Mathallen in Oslo, this burger restaurant is where I took my grandmother to eat when she came to visit (not to say that it’s for old people, but to say that it’s for everyone). Døgnvill has more of a “sit down and relax” feel than for example Munchies (that has a cafeteria look). Døgnvill is soon opening its doors in the posh neighbourhood Tjuvholmen with a promise of a menu with new kind of burgers.

Illegal Burger

Winner of the “best burger in Oslo” championship. Extremely popular among the young hipster crowd and if you come here at night, you should not be surprised if the line starts out on the street. Is this the best place in town? That’s for you to decide.

Nighthawk diner

The interior at Nighthawk is how I imagine what a real American diner looks like (not that I’ve ever been). This all American classic style also reflects the menu, which in addition to hamburgers serves homemade milkshakes and breakfast food on all their opening hours. A place that always seems full yet always has a table for you when you drop by.

Photo courtesy of SmakenavOslo

Photo courtesy of MatiBergen

Burger Joint

Located at Aker Brygge, Burger Joint only has 25 seats and no booking, but it’s worth your time. This is one of the few popular burger places located in the west part of Oslo (but soon to be joined by another Døgnvill restaurant). Order your food from a sort of food truck located inside and read the menu from the blackboard next to it. I love the interior as well as the burgers. 


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