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Meet MX3D, they're bridging the gap (pun intended) between revolutionary technology and our good ol' romantic canal scene.

Published by Mio on 11/09/2015

A city surrounded by water is always a bit more special than others. With over 1500 bridges and 165 canals in our modest sized city you could say the ‘oh so notorious’ Venice is actually child’s play compared to Amsterdam. But Amsterdam is also bringing something else to the table that will leave all other water cities behind…

Image to the courtesy of MX3D

Amsterdam wouldn’t be Amsterdam if it wouldn’t collide old with new. We offer the most beautiful untouched authentic Amsterdam architecture whilst moving forward and developing ourselves into a ‘smart’ city, including groundbreaking innovations and architecture such as the 3D canal house that’s being build.

A game changing player

Our oldest canal bridge dates back from 1649, and many bridges were built and renovated by great architects such as Piet Kramer or G.F.Janssonius BUT we have a new player in town by the name of Joris Laarman.

Image to the courtesy of MX3D

Laarman developed a groundbreaking manufacturing method that makes building innovative bridges from sustainable materials (steel) possible through robots. You read it right, robots!

With his start-up company MX3D and a collaboration with design software company Autodesk and construction company Heijmans they’re robot will “draw” steel structures in 3D and print a bridge over water in the center of Amsterdam. They call it ‘printing outside the box’.

Image to the courtesy of Heijmans

Image to the courtesy of MX3D

"The symbolism of the bridge is a beautiful metaphor to connect the technology of the future with the old city, in a way that brings out the best of both worlds.” - Joris Laarman

Amsterdam without its canals and bridges would be unimaginable. It’s the second largest water city in Europe. And we’re eager to find out how our status as bridge city is going to evolve.

Image to the courtesy of MX3D

Image to the courtesy of FD.nl

Image to the courtesy of MX3D

It’s still unknown where the bridge will be build but is expected to be done in fall 2017. In the meantime watch how it will come alive through this short video of MX3D.

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