A City Made By People - Edition #18

Past week we had an amazing edition. Despite the warm weather, more than 50 city enthusiasts showed up to get inspired about neighborhoods, food styling & charity.

Published by Niels on 23/05/2017

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How is it to live in Amsterdam, in your street for a whole year?

Filmmaker Marnix of Jaffa Jaffa called us through skype to give an interview about his project and why he decided to stay in his street for 365 days! 

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We also talked about food styling. Marieke gave a presentation about her own new company here in Amsterdam, Marieke Verdenius food styling & photography. She worked for Jamie's food magazine as a copywriter of the magazine. Now she wants to go on by herself as a food stylist, culinary writer & photographer, sharing her future plans with the audience.

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Manuel spoke about the events that Love Foundation Amsterdam organizes together with a network of students, artists, and activists. They create all kinds of cultural events such as music events, art exhibitions, sports tournaments to sell fair trade clothing and fashion shows. They are doing this to raise money for water development projects in Africa.

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At the end, we had a little surprise closing the evening with an awesome after-drinks vibe on roof terrace in Amsterdam. Thank you, DJ Lola Villa for hitting the decks!

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Thank you all for joining past weeks edition! 

You're more than welcome to join our last event ed. #19 before the summer break on Wednesday the 21st of June!

Photo credits to Richard Rigby Photography .

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