A City Made By People Event Series x Zoku - Edition #26

Another successful edition at Zoku! We inspired one another through stories of rethinking how we move in a city, the food culture and how to turn plastic waste into something positive.

Published by Crystal on 29/03/2018

The room quickly filled up with the buzzing sound of voices of over 80 excited City Enthusiasts. For this edition, we welcomed Unu, Amsterdam Cookbook and Plastic Whale to the stage. And we were very excited to have Robin back on the mic! 

"You spend 5 months of your life looking for a parking spot."
A City Made By People Event Series Zoku 26 Amsterdam 3

Mathieu – Co-founder & Growth of Unu 

First up, all the way from Berlin was Mathieu. Unu started as a 3-man show right after university. With the goal to connect people with their cities; Unu offers a way to rethink how you move in a city and to embrace its full potential. Service is brought to you – if you’re interested in trying out one of these electric bad boys – Unu delivers it to you. It has now grown to be the #1 electric scooter brand in Germany.  A tailored experience for you, check it out here.

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Laura – Culinary writer of Amsterdam Cookbook 

Next up on the mic was Laura, creator of Amsterdam Cookbook. Starting out in the PR field, with the type of work she was doing, Laura realized she was on the wrong side of the phone line. She quit her job and embarked on the journey that led her to where she is today. Laura is not only the writer of Amsterdam Cookbook, she also writes pieces for websites and magazines, and organizes pop-up shops. What’s in the Amsterdam Cookbook? Dutch food and multicultural food that has been ‘dutchified’. Discover the taste of Amsterdam with Laura and get a sneak peak in the kitchen of chefs, and of course, tips! 

A City Made By People Event Series Zoku 26 Amsterdam 7

Pauline – Marketeer at Plastic Whale

More than 8 million tons of plastic is dumped in our oceans every year – that’s a truckload of plastic every minute! We were closing the evening was Pauline, marketeer at Plastic Whale. ‘Stop talking. Let’s start doing’ is the motto of Plastic Whale. This idea started on a world trip, when the founder Marius Smit experienced the plastic waste issue and decided to do something about it – Plastic Whale was born. Plastic Whale is more than fishing plastic out of the canals, circular furniture is created from the collected waste! With its first collaboration abroad in India, Plastic Whale aims to go global. One thing Plastic Whale would you like to take way is: “Let’s take crazy and small ideas serious!” 

A City Made By People Event Series Zoku 26 Amsterdam 8
"You may not believe me, but plastic fishing is fun!"

That’s all for ed. #26. At the end of the evening, our guests and speakers stuck around and filled the room with laughter and conversation. It was amazing to see everyone with smiles on their faces and enjoying the company of their fellow City Enthusiasts. 

Thank you to our speakers who made the event a captivating one. And a big thank you to our friends at Zoku for your continuous co-operation and providing a comfortable atmosphere, and you City Enthusiasts for coming out and sticking around! 

Words by Crystal Chittick
Photography by Joan Victoria Foutty

For those of you who didn’t make it, mark you calendars for 18th of April and join us! We hope to see you there. You can already get your tickets to edition #27 here.                         

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