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Published by Robin on 23/06/2017

Acmbp Issue 2 Mockup Cover 150Dpi

Cover photo by Kevin Rijnders

We're extremely thankful for all of our city correspondents around the world, who have put so much work into sharing their city life & culture with others. Through our weekly online articles, monthly speakers events and across our bi-annual print journal.

Issue 1 received so much enthusiasm, that we could not just stop, therefore resulting in a second issue of the A City Made By People journal. This time featuring Seattle, Bucharest, Bristol, Madrid, and Amsterdam.

We're working hard on the final bits, for our printer to bring this baby to life. So as a city enthusiast, one of the earliest fans and the beholder of issue 1 (or not), please support us by pre-ordering now, to receive your copy as one of the first. 

Many thanks!

Team A City Made By People

Acmbp Issue 2 Brstl Mockup 2

From Bristol: Papersmiths 'Why print matters in a digital world.'
Words and picture by captain Morgane Bigault.

Acmbp Issue 2 Ams Mockup 2

From Amsterdam: 'Amsterdam Undercover'
Words by captain Mio van der Mei and pictures by photographer Zico 'O Neill

Acmbp Issue 2 Sttl Mockup 2

From Seattle: 'A sense of community in the middle of a loud and busy city - Seattle's Public Library'. Words by captain Julie and picture by Thomas Hawk

As a city enthusiast, please support us via pre-ordering your copy today.


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