A Dapper Way of Life

In a backstreet of the popular neighbourhood Grünerløkka you find Dapper, a shop for men only that combines barbering, fashion and bicycles.

Published by Bianca on 30/04/2015

Inspired by the bicycle culture from Amsterdam, 3 friends, Johan Brox, Erlend Osland Simensen and Andreas Doppelmayr decided to start Dapper 2 years ago. The partnership began with their love for cycling and a wish for an alternative to the mountain bikes for people who enjoyed cycling in the city.

They each have their own strengths. Erlend is the one with the biggest passion for fashion and it is easy to see in this shop for (gentle)men only. Johan is the big bicycle enthusiast, and he was as a bike repairman before starting Dapper. Andreas had a barber web shop before and is the force behind Dapper’s new branch, a real live barbershop.

Dapper has now three branches, the first store with a focus on fashion. There is also a bicycle and repair shop (Krankenhaus) and a barber salon (PelsPels).

Anne is the first employee and started about 1 and a half-year ago, she is the store manager of Dapper. She believes that part of the owner’s success is based on how they really went for it when they started 2 years ago.

As for working in a shop, it is still that, but the great variety of customers makes the days interesting. This is a store for people with a passion for something and you can ask Anne anything and she will answer how and where a shirt is made or witch barber knife is best if you’re a beginner. In the spring there is a lot of focus on bicycles and those you can talk about forever.

With the barbershop in the back of the store there is also a whole new activity, it is not only a shop. If people are interested there is always something more to tell and find out.

Dapper is on a mission to bring bicycle city culture even further in Oslo and making the men of Oslo look even more Dapper then before.

Some links to follow:

W Pelspels http://www.pelspels.no/#barber-shop

W Krankenhouse photos http://dapper.no/butikk

FB https://www.facebook.com/dapper.no

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