A place for young creatives to Gather & Grow

Rotterdam style: a place to work, experiment, meet other creatives, share skills and build a professional network.

Published by Laura on 02/09/2015

Rotterdam’s newest (and most beautifully decorated) public creative space ‘Gather & Grow’ is an inspiring workspace, kitchen and community for culinary creatives. It’s director, Jessica Teijl describes it as a place to work, experiment, meet other creatives, share skills and build a professional network.

The 142 m2  light filled space is the perfect environment for photoshoots and the large open workspace and kitchen are ideal for creative workshops and personal project development. The space is currently accommodating 7 creatives specializing in food styling, food photography, food trucks, concept design, graphic design and surface pattern design. Jessica, who has a university degree in Youth Sociology, worked as a freelance communications consultant for almost 15 years and decided it was time to pursue her passion for food.

“I was looking for an inspiring space to work on a couple of projects. A cafe, working from home or renting a shared space didn’t work for me. So I decided to create a space to suit my own needs. Inspiring, comfortable, filled with energy and with creative likeminded people.”

Combining her creative side, passion for everything food, love for connecting people, concept design and business development, ‘Gather & Grow’ was born. Fresh flowers, vintage rugs, cookbooks, a home grown herb garden and tea on tap can be found in this centrally located 2nd floor space on the Heer Bokelweg.

Image to the courtesy of Esther Prinsze

Jessica loves the constant state of innovation and reinvention that Rotterdam is moving through and strives to assist in directing its creative future. Her father who saw the destruction of the city during the bombings has always been impressed by the Rotterdam spirit of people working together to rebuild and redesign the city.

Rotterdam is often seen as a fragmented and mismatched collage of design but if you take the time to look, there are spaces everywhere celebrating the beauty of what once was.  By offering an environment for young creatives whose ideas and projects help promote the Rotterdam vision of new design and growth, ‘Gather & Grow’ is the perfect new space in town to nurture that.

Some things to check out:

* open 9am-5pm but tenants have access to the space 24/7


* Katshoek building, Heer Bokelweg 155 (2nd floor), Rotterdam


- Laura -

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