A retreat away from the noisy city - Trompenburg Tuinen

Some people say that Rotterdam isn’t a green city. There are some nice parks around town but did you know that you can find a luscious botanical oasis only ten minutes from the buzzing city centre?

Published by Wouter on 31/07/2015

In one of the oldest and nicest parts of Rotterdam (Kralingen) lies the beautiful Trompenburg Tuinen & Arboretum. Tuinen is Dutch for ‘gardens’ and Arboretum is Latin for ‘tree garden’. Trompenburg sure lives up to that name. Over 7 hectares (17 acres) of gardens host a large collection of all different kinds of plants, trees, flowers and even a greenhouse with a large collection of succulents and cacti. A real hidden gem for all those cactus-lovers out there.

For over 150 years Arboretum Trompenburg has been a retreat away from the noisy city, being a private garden of a wealthy Kralingen family. Since 1958 it’s been open for the public, tucked away behind the football stadium of Dutch top division club Excelsior and right next to one of Rotterdam’s busiest roads. When you wander around these quaint and quiet gardens you wouldn’t know that you’re actually in the middle of a lively suburb and so close to the busy centre.

Perfect for that Sunday afternoon wander before the start of a hectic work week (coffee and cake at the quaint tea house is optional).

Further information:

Honingerdijk 86, Rotterdam via Tram 21 or 24 to Woudestein, Tram 7 to Erasmus Universiteit or Metro A, B or C to Voorschoterlaan



Admission: €6,25/ Museumcard: Free/ Students in Rotterdam get a 50% discount

- Wouter -

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