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As the days grow noticeable longer, the people of Oslo draw to the streets for weekend strolls. How about a warm, gourmet waffle and a genuine smile to go along with that?

Published by Guest on 19/03/2015

Haralds Vaffel is located in Schweigaardsgate 71, in the midst of an idyllic square on the east side of town, in an area not often thought of when imagining coffee shops or food experiences. But there it is, and it has certainly become a success.

From a small dorm window painted in an eye-catching orange, Jonathan Larsson serves up some mouth-watering pastries. People from all over the city come here to try his somewhat famous waffles.

Being a fulltime student, Jonathan opened his shop to subsidise his studies in mathematics. Originally a swede, he saw potential in Norwegians deep love for waffles. Not without complications, but with a whole lot of persistence and encouragement from the community, the waffle window soon became a hit. These days it is not unusual for him to experience queues up to 20 metres long. He even plans to take his enterprise on tour this summer, visiting the country’s largest festivals. A truly Norwegian twist to the food truck phenomenon!

An east side institution in the making, Haralds Vaffel offers everything from the traditional Norwegian waffle with sour cream and jam, to more advanced variations like bacon and blue cheese are served out off a small window. He even offers the local speciality ”pølse i vaffel”, or hotdog in waffle.  

On cold, but sunny Saturday morning, not having any other plans for the day other than for coffee, I find myself walking towards Jonathan’s small café, located in an appartment window. As I approach I can certainly see why it has become so popular. It is just not possible to dislike this super friendly character serving up his specialties while making small talk with his customers.

He fought the health department and won, he won the urban families, hipsters and food critics over. There is even a song about him on Spotify. As he states himself: “everyone loves a good waffle!”

With my spirits lifted, and a stomach full of bacon and blue cheese, I set out for my next coffee destination. The waffles were excellent, Jonathan, and I am so looking forward to your cross-country tour!

Haralds Vaffel is only open on Saturdays between 11.00-19.00. The 37-bus stops directly outside the small shop, but why not make it a field trip?

Visit Haralds Vaffel on Facebook.

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