A City Made By People Event Series x Zoku - Edition #22

In ed. #22, we gathered together to hear Amsterdam’s stories on social inclusion, sustainable architecture, and hand-brewed Kombucha! Join us for an evening where we celebrate our citizens and their local projects!

Published by Sarah on 23/11/2017

Despite Amsterdam’s infamous wet weather, a bunch of City Enthusiasts gathered together on the evening of the 15th to get warm and inspired! At Zoku’s cozy setting, we invited four speakers in our city to shed some light on the bright ideas and projects they’re working on. For this 22nd edition, our moderator Linnea welcomed to the stage: WE Organization, Dill Architecten, and Cultcha Kombucha.

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Adel AlBaghdadi of WE Organization 

As the Founder of WE Organization, Adel spoke about social inclusion, about the need to create a space for cross-cultural understanding and purposeful community engagement. He shared with us the story of being a Syrian refugee, which sparked the start of the project, ‘WE ARE THE REFUGEES.’

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WE Organization aims to build bonds by hosting a platform for open discussions on social consciousness. Additionally they combat xenophobia and further celebrate different cultures and labels (i.e. the elderly, the handicapped, the LGBT community).

Thomas Dill of Dill Architecten

Next on our stage was Thomas Dill of Dill Architecten, sharing the story of his latest project called the KasHuis. As an architect, Thomas has a focus on sustainability which he uniquely applied to his own home. As an energy-neutral building, the KasHuis was built with a glasshouse surrounding it. This extra layer keeps the area a warm 18ºC for eight months out of the year (in the Netherlands! Can you imagine?!). This also amounts to 800 more hours that one can attend to some gardening fun!

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Kelly & Sam, Co-founders of Cultcha Kombucha

Our third and final speakers were Kelly & Sam, avid Kombucha drinkers and brewers here in Amsterdam. For those of you new to Cultcha Kombucha, it’s healthy fermented tea: all unpasteurized, vegan, gluten-free goodness! With a collective 15 years of home-brew experience, Kelly & Sam shared the story of how they met through their love of ‘booch and how they ventured together in their own Kombucha microbrewery here in the city.

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The evening ended with a buzz of excitement over the samples of Cultcha Kombucha. City Enthusiasts literally lined up to get a taste of either Original Kombucha, Cherry Basil, Apple Ginger, or Coconut Kaffir.

On that note, we’d like to give a thank you hug to our friends at Zoku for always providing a great space and comfortable atmosphere for our talks! And to our local speakers and City Enthusiasts that joined us for the evening, thank you for showing up and sticking around! 

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For those of you who didn’t make it, join us for our last speaker event of the year! Mark your agenda and keep the 13th of December free. We hope to see you there!

Words by Sarah Picolet
Photos by Jan Arsenović Photography

If you missed out on taking home a journal at our event, you can find them at our online store here: https://store.acitymadebypeople.com/

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