A City Made By People Event Series x Zoku - Edition #24

And we're back with our first event of the year! This Ed. 24 we talked about coffee culture with Florian, an early morning dance movement with Floris, and the joys of cycling around Amsterdam with Roos!

Published by Sarah on 26/01/2018

A new year, a new A City Made By People. This 2018, we wanted to shake things up a bit and start charging a €5 entrance fee to our speaker events. And to be honest, we weren’t exactly sure how you city enthusiasts would react!

You see, we wanted to create this symbolic cover charge to keep track of who our community is. In return for this comes an evening of shared inspiration, top-notch speakers, and friendly city enthusiasts to keep you feeling entertained. Oh and don’t forget the free beers!

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Even with this change, it didn’t stop you from joining us last week at Zoku for an unforgettable edition. And we’re so grateful! Gathered on the 6th floor with Amsterdam’s cityscape in full view, our moderator for the evening, Hélène Koole, welcomed to the stage:

Florian Hessel of Stooker Roasting Co.

We invited Florian over to share insights on the one thing he likes to talk about most, coffee. It all started when Florian took the plunge in entrepreneurship with Stooker Roasting Co., a coffee roastery in Amsterdam offering beans, advice, and training to entrepreneurs. Ever since he’s been sharing his passion for the bean and speciality coffee knowledge to eager fanatics wanting to learn more. 

A City Made By People Amsterdam Speaker Event 7629

Specialty coffee, it’s not just about the measurement of a coffee bean’s quality. It’s this whole culture, the culture of baristas. It has its own language, its own machines, recipes, theories, and experiments.

Florian van der Linden of DAYBREAKER

If you haven’t heard of DAYBREAKER yet, you need to wake up! That’s exactly what Florian did when he shared with us the DAYBREAKER story and philosophy. Currently the movement is happening in over 22 cities worldwide, spreading like a non-threatening, but energy-boosting virus!

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A City Made By People Amsterdam Speaker Event 7877

In his talk Florian shared with us the perfect formula to elevate happiness and connection: by releasing the quartet of happy brain chemicals including dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin, and endorphins. At DAYBREAKER, all of this is achieved when you sweat, connect, and dance with one another. Or even just by yourself!

Roos Stallinga of Ride With Me Amsterdam

The author and artist, Roos, shared with us a visual discovery tour through Amsterdam with her illustrative book and cycler's guide, Ride With Me. Her tribute to life in a city of bikes!

A City Made By People Amsterdam Speaker Event 8046

Born and breed in the Netherlands, Roos grew up cycling (like most Dutchies do) and thought little about it. For those of us living outside these cycling cities, riding a bike doesn't come as easy! With Ride With Me though, Roos invites readers to go out and explore the city, encouraging them to discover new places from a two-wheeled perspective.  

"I was trying to analyze for myself what it entails to bike in Amsterdam. If you lived here for a long time, you bike through the city on automatically pilot. But they're so many things happening, if you just pay attention."

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A City Made By People Amsterdam Speaker Event 7914

And those were our speakers for Ed. 24! We’d like to give a thank you hug to our friends at Zoku for always providing a great space and comfortable atmosphere for our talks! And to our local speakers and attendees, thank you for showing up and sticking around! 

For those of you who’d like to experience a night of inspiration with city enthusiasts, join us next month on the 14th of February. Reserve your ticket and we hope to see you there! http://bit.ly/acmbpeventbrite25

Words by Sarah Picolet
Pictures by Richard Rigby

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