Amsterdam as a Hollywood Film Set

Many Amsterdammers have complained lately: a lot of streets and areas have been closed off completely. And not only because of the many construction sites, but for a pretty cool reason though: Hollywood film productions that have settled in the city.

Published by Guest on 19/07/2016

The video of a car being pushed into one of Amsterdam’s canals went viral. It was an action scene and part of a big Hollywood production starring actors such as Samuel L. Jackson and Ryan Reynolds. We looked into current and previous film productions in Amsterdam and found out what spots in the city have been featured in well-known movies.

What’s happening at the moment? 

Most roadblocks lately have been caused by the production of The Hitman’s Bodyguard - a big Hollywood production filmed in London, Amsterdam and Sofia, to be released in 2017. The production has left many people curious due to its action scenes in the city and the presence of Samuel L. Jackson and Ryan Reynolds.

But The Hitman’s Bodyguard is not the only film production team that has been occupying the city: Another production that has taken place in the Amsterdam (and Den Haag) is the American Netflix production of the series Sense8. The production team announced that they will be starting to film at the Rijksmuseum on the 19th July.

What famous movies have previously been filmed in Amsterdam?

Those named above are indeed not the first movies to be filmed in Amsterdam. One of the James Bond movies, Diamonds are Forever (1971), and Oceans Twelve (2004) have been filmed here. Slightly less famous ones are Anne Frank (2001), Deuce Bigalow (2005) and most recent The Fault in Our Stars (2014).

The city of Amsterdam reported a strong increase of film sets in Amsterdam in 2015. This year is supposed to been even more of an increase! That does not only add to the cities fortune, but helps to attract more tourists and gives people involved in the film industry many opportunities to get a foot in the door.

Hollywood films in Amsterdam

Film set Bond, courtesy to Wikimedia

Hollywood films in Amsterdam

The Fault in our stars bench, Once upon a bench

Where are famous movie spots in Amsterdam?

It’s hard to sum up all of them, so that’s why we made a list of the most famous ones:

- Deuce Bigalow: The Brouwersgracht

- James Bond (Diamonds are forever): Magere Brug

- Oceans Twelve: Koningsplein, Kalverstraat and Station Haarlem

- The Fault in Our Stars: The bench on Leidsegracht

Happy celeb-spotting!

- Carina -

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