Bed Talks - May The Student In You Live Forever

The brand new The Student Hotel in Amsterdam City isn't just a place for students, it's for everyone with a student spirit. And they're celebrating it with Bed Talks, the free thinking event of the year.

Published by Mio on 12/04/2016

In this day and age we're all perpetual students. Unlike previous generations who would choose a profession and stick to it for the rest of their lives, we are forced to keep reinventing ourselves and push ourselves to learn new (exciting) things.

We live in an interesting era where co-working and cross-pollinating multiple disciplines have almost become the standard. Creativity meets science, engineering meets sustainability, social impact meets for-profit. The possibilities are endless and 'free thinking' is a part that comes with the package.

A City Made By People Bed Talks at The Student Hotel in Amsterdam

The Student Hotel, what's that all about?

The hotel sector is flourishing like never before, and every hotel is bringing its own merits. May it be fancy bars, top notch restaurants, cool events, stellar designs and what not. The Student Hotel established an entirely new and hybrid concept within the hotel sector, which at start was difficult to grasp.

The Student Hotel offers great 'student housing', but it's not limited to one target group. Students, short stay travelers, business professionals, locals, they all come together there. They're not just your next cool 'hotspot', but they aim to be a place where people connect with each other and new ideas are being born.

The Wibautstraat is on its way to becoming the smartest street of the Netherlands, a goal initiated by the Knowledge Mile community. The Student Hotel so happened to have opened its flagship hotel smack in the middle of the brainiest street of the city, coincidently or on purpose? Who should say.

Viva la Student Spirit at Bed Talks 

Coming Friday, April 15, The Student Hotel Amsterdam City is celebrating its Grand Opening with the 12-hour long free Bed Talks event (inspired by Ted Talks, and John Lennon and Yoko Ono’s famous Bed-In).

They've invited over 50 national and international game changers who'll share their vision on subjects like culture, social impact, entrepreneurship, science, education, fashion, sports and more. In the spirit of The Student Hotel the event is about sharing ideas, connecting with each other, provoking discussions and generating positive impact.

A City Made By People Bed Talks at The Student Hotel in Amsterdam

A City Made By People Bed Talks at The Student Hotel in Amsterdam

A free variety of talks

The actual Bed Talks sessions are held in an intimate setting in the hotel bed rooms with a maximum capacity of 10-15 guests per session. Two front runners will start conversations about topics such as 'Fashion in a sustainable world', 'It's a startup world', 'The impact of storytelling' and many more.

But guests can also actively participate in Think Tank sessions led by business and thought leaders and co-create positive impact campaign ideas together with award winning creative directors for example. 

Or join one of the workshops led by The Refugee Company, who are working with talented creatives who so happen to be refugees.  There will be Eritrean coffee ceremonies, Arabic calligraphy, and creating stop motion movies with your smartphone workshops. 

A City Made By People Bed Talks at The Student Hotel in Amsterdam

There's plenty to choose from to get inspired, connected or just entertained. You can walk in and out of the event between 9:00 - 21:00, but be quick to claim the limited tickets for the Bed Talks sessions at arrival before they get snatched away in front of your nose. 

Just a small grasp of the great selection of front runners are, award winning documentary photographer Sebastian Miranda Gil (National Geographic, Vice); founder of The Next Web - world’s leading tech platform - Boris Veldhuijzen van Zanten;  Holland’s fastest rising YouTube star Joost Eenhoorn; and founder of award winning Ad agency Lemz, Mark Woerde for example. 

To pre-register for Bed Talks visit and have a sneak peak of the programme while your at it. 

“May the student in you live forever!” 

- Mio-

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