Best Use of Photography 2015

Photography is a vital part of our Journal. Let’s celebrate the best of 2015.

Published by Robin on 29/12/2015

Photography strengthens the stories we create and share with you, it shows us how a city looks like and how the people live within their context. We therefore want to take this opportunity to celebrate the ’Best Use of Photography’ from our 2015 articles.

A way to show our gratitude to all our correspondents, for capturing beautiful moments and giving us a better visual perception of the city they live in.

Eastside - Fancy eats comes to Downtown East by captain Colleen

Minneapolis is definitely a foodie’s heaven and some area's are up for change. We have Nicollet Ave, aka. Eat Street, which is roughly 5 blocks of mostly ethnic restaurants and coffee shops. We have restaurants all along Hennepin Ave, about 10 blocks that runs through our downtown of high end bars and restaurants that cater to the corporate world, and we have Lyndale Ave that’s full of all kinds of fare between the 10 block stretch of Franklin Ave and Lake Street.

Read the article here:

A big thanks to photographer Colleen

Faces in the crowd: an afternoon at Marché Jean-Talon by correspondent Sylvain

We spent an afternoon in one of Montreal’s four major markets and spoke to various people we encountered. Three of them perfectly embodied the true spirit of a public market: interculturalism.

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A big thanks to photographer David Curleigh

Local Heroes #23 - Henk “Hanky Panky” Schiffmacher by captain Mio 

Guru-, Godfather-, or King of the Amsterdam tattoo culture, have your pick to describe tattoo artist Henk Schiffmacher. The 63-year old Hanky Panky has more than a few talents beside inking body parts. I went to visit Henk in his shop in de Pijp to find out how an old warhorse like him feels about today’s Amsterdam tattoo scene and what kind of plans lie ahead...

You can find this article here:

A big thanks to photographer: Kevin Rijnders

Local Heroes #41 - Alex Gâlmeanu, photographer and founder of Muzeul de Fotografie by captain Alexa

While most of his photos involve people, Alex is also an avid explorer of his city, continuously discovering places and their history. Alex Gâlmeanu is an inspiring Bucharest-based photographer that has done nationwide-famous work related to editorial, advertising and experimental photography.

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A big thanks to photographer Alexa Gâlmeanu 

Madrid Sunday Sessions - From El Rastro to celebrating life in La Latina by correspondent Olga

Olga takes us on her most favourite Sunday activity in Madrid's popular neighbourhood La Latina. A Sunday in the city is reserved for only the slowest of things: coffee dates that drag across the whole of an afternoon, beer in the sun, lunches made of many courses and, if the city where you happen to live is Madrid, the Rastro.

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A big thanks to photographer Erea Palmer

From dawn till dusk - Kralingse Plas is just stunning by correspondent Laura

Rotterdam correspondent Laura has a passion for photography and shows that in this stunning visual diary of the Kralingse Plas. Moving to Rotterdam was by far one of the greatest moments in my life. Among others, it meant that I would finally earn enough to go on so called weekend city trips. That is, I would finally be able to visit and discover all those European cities that I dreamed of such as Barcelona, Porto, London, Paris, and the list goes on. So what about Rotterdam? What about my city – a place I would call home for the upcoming years?

Read the whole story here:

A big thanks to photographer Laura

Thank you for this great year with us and we hope you enjoyed 2015 as much as we did. We are looking forward to sharing more citizen-driven and insightful articles in the year 2016. After all, we are here to show you how we live in our cities. 

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