Bienvenido A Madrid - Tradition Meets A New Mentality

This is the Madrid that we are becoming to know, and the one we want to introduce to the rest of the world! Our welcome letter to you.

Published by Guest on 29/05/2015

It is Thursday afternoon, rolling into the night, and it is May. It is also twenty-nine degrees, and the people across the streets of Spain’s capital have no intention of sleeping anytime soon.

This city is roaring with life and, especially recently, it has been becoming even louder due to an increase in new creative projects, enthusiastic people and artistic endeavours.

Tradition meets a new mentality: this is the Madrid that we are becoming to know, and the one we want to introduce to the rest of the world!

The noise - people.

Madrid is the people that decorate it with noise. Like the perpetual hum of cicadas that covers a rainforest, Madrid’s streets are forever vibrating with the hum of humans.

There are those people who prefer a city made up of quiet, well-behaved streets; but Madrid is made for those who need to be smack bang in the middle of it all: life!

This city’s streets - spilling with people who talk and laugh and shout - are a daily remainder that we, as individuals, are, either directly or indirectly, influenced by all the other people that exist within our environment: the people with whom we deliberate over the big and small questions, the cheeky grandfather who offers an unexpected piece of advice as we sip a caña at midday to subdue the sun a little.

Be it a still Monday evening as you cross town on your way home, or a Friday evening full of the kind of promises a weekend night can offer, the probability of finding yourself in the middle of a screaming match between lovers, between a group of retirees sitting by an entrance of a bar whose conversation gets a little too heated, or simply in the middle of a group of friends celebrating  a birthday across a whole restaurant, is quite likely because here, most people do not shy away from expressing themselves, their feelings, or their curiosity of others.

This outlook on life is infectious, and as a result, so is being a part of this city. This is Madrid, and this is why I love it: here, I feel alive.

The sun - happiness.

Madrid is sun, and sun is happiness. It really is as easy as that. The sun spills onto the streets and makes you happy, it makes everyone happy. In the morning, the sun lifts you out of bed, and when you walk out of work in the evening, it invites you out onto the street, discourages you from returning home and instead, it convinces you to meet up with friends for a vermut.

With its charm, the sun prevents you from spending each night cooped up within the confines of your lounge room. And so - for the majority of the year - you learn to take advantage of life, and surround yourself with people and conversations and events and a series of never ending stories.

This sun - the source for people’s energy - is Spain’s ultimate blessing.

All of the colours.

From afar, this is not obvious; however, the more people you meet, the more you realise that Madrid is in fact diversity: it is made up of all the colours.

Here, a circle of friends often consists of individuals from many of the infinite corners across the map: from the multitude of places that make up  Europe, from other continents, whether divided by borders, seas or oceans.

Naturally, this rich diversity of people brings many interesting stories to Madrid’s social scene, and an opportunity to have a peek at the world through new philosophies, ideas, points of view.

Tradition Meets A New Mentality

Madrid is therefore made up of a unique fusion of old and new bones: from traditional Spanish bars and restaurants which have not changed since their inaugurations, to streets filled with Indian cuisine, yoga classes run by international practitioners or cafes built by young and passionate creatives and entrepreneurs.

Everyone who lives here contributes to what Madrid not only is, but what it is still becoming.

What a lovely opportunity to be able to introduce our beloved Madrid through Citinerary: and show the rest of the world that Madrid is much much more than large streets surrounded by grand buildings and slices of tortilla!

The Madrid that we know is the Madrid that is known only by the people who live along the city’s alleyways and plazas.

- Olga, Adrian, Erea & Anthony -

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