Books & Shops - The Illustrated Side of Bucharest #3

Let's join Ramona in an illustrative guide to a Bucharest we have yet to see. For Part 3 of this series, we'll be exploring the new, illustrated books from the city's local artists (and of course where to get 'em!).

Published by Guest on 27/02/2018

In 2017 we have seen local illustration taking over basically everything one can imagine: from book covers to ceramic plates to silk scarves, quirky toys, playing cards and real cars, wearables and breakables, walls and windows, chairs and pillows, buses and sidewalks. In a community where illustration has forever since been the synonym of 'children’s books,' it has finally ventured some steps beyond and discovered the many other forms it can take.

As Bucharest is still the most spoiled city in Romania regarding the number of exhibitions, art fairs, shops and events dedicated to illustration, here goes a short recap of some of the most recent illustration happenings around: 


Sorina Vazelina’s Old Farts - Sorina Vazelina is one of the masterminds of local contemporary illustration. Her style is an explosion of styles, and in this book she takes her fascination with the human senescence out for a walk. Get ready for it (for the senescence, yes, it’s right around the corner).

A City Made By People Bucharest Illustrated Art Books Old Farts By Sorina Vazelina2
A City Made By People Bucharest Illustrated Art Books Old Farts By Sorina Vazelina

Andreea Chirică: Home Alone - Andreea’s second graphic novel is actually a silent visual poem made of dozens of honest drawings which turn you into a voyeur, page by page, undressing common anxieties and drops of loneliness and taking you to weirdly familiar places. 

A City Made By People Bucharest Illustrated Art Books Home Alone By Andreea Chirica

Mark Twain: Advice for Little Girls, illustrated by Adelina Butnaru - As the winner of the Most Beautiful Books competition in Romania (2017), this little book was actually not supposed to be. An important publishing house refused to print it, as it’s more naughty than nice for a children’s book, but... here it is, it has found a way to come to life; like all good things do eventually. Illustrated by Adelina Butnaru (who’s been working with Henning Wagenbreth in Berlin for the last couple of months – yummy!), the book is simply irresistible.

Books Adelina Butnaru Advice For Little Girls

SHOPS WHERE YOU CAN FIND AWESOME ILLUSTRATED STUFF – limited edition art prints (600+ illustrations signed by local artists, delivered worldwide);

Colorhood Illustration Gallery Shop
Colorhood Art Print Carina Davidoiu Anybody Home
Colorhood Art Print Ana Ban Ana Apartment Eve

Illustrations by Carina Davidoiu (left) and Ana Ban Ana (right). 

ROD Cărturești - a wide range of objects illustrated by local artists (cups, notebooks, wrapping paper, pins, clothes, toys, tote bags);

Photo Credits Cristina Stupiuc Saddo Notebooks For Rod Carturesti2

Photo credits © Cristina Stupiuc, Saddo’s Readers Notebook Collection for ROD Cărturești

BumbagR – fanny packs with patterns illustrated by Romanian artists;

Bumbagr Photo Pattern By Mura

Bumbag illustrated by Mura

Receptor @ Cărturești & Friends - original illustrations for sale/monthly exhibitions;

Receptor Bedtime Stories Exhibition 3
Receptor Bedtime Stories Exhibition 1
A City Made By People Bucharest Illustrated Art Bedtime Stories Exhibition 2

Illustration exhibition @ Receptor: “Bedtime Stories," open until the 31st of January, 2018

Primitiv Print - nasty screen prints and cray-cray artsy stuff. For example, the following image of functional matchboxes with images of corrupt politicians. 

Edited Primitiv Print Matchboxes

Words by Ramona Chirica of Studio Receptor

Romana 1

Thank you for reading the third to this four-part series! What's gonna come next you ask? Stay tuned and get an impression of our print journal in the mean time! You know, if you're keen..

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