Bristol Best Three 2016

A selection of the three best 2016 articles from Bristol, chosen by captain Morgane.

Published by Morgane on 28/12/2016

1. Sidonie Warren, owner of Papersmiths tells us why printed products matter in a digital world.

This is the place in Bristol to be inspired for all your creative endeavours.

Read the interview here: https://www.acitymadebypeople....

2. Local Heroes #51 - Owner Ben of the Old Bookshop

On Bristol’s North Street, just south of the river, lies The Old Bookshop. A pub, a legend. We meet the owner, Ben, and when we arrive, it’s as if he was rehearsing for a performance.

Read the interview here:

3. Hopeful and optimistic - How Clare Reddington of Watershed unites creative people to shape the future of cities.

Clare Reddington, Creative Director of Watershed gives us an insight into creativity and technology, from life in Bristol to the world.

Read the interview here:

- Morgane -

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