Bucharest Best Three 2016

A selection of the three best 2016 articles from Bucharest, chosen by captain Alexa.

Published by Alexa on 28/12/2016

1. Local Heroes #50 - Răzvan Mazilu

Răzvan Mazilu is famous for being a dancer, but he is a talented allrounder in the Bucharest art scene. An interview by correspondents Adriana & Raluca.

Read the interview here: https://www.acitymadebypeople.com/journal/local-heroes-50-răzvan-mazilu

2. Like internet, just offline - The biggest flea market of Bucharest, Targul Vitan.

Correspondent Mihai explores how it feels like to spend half of your Sunday being caught in a specific Romanian vibe of negotiations, agitation and laughter. Meet the biggest flea market of Bucharest, Targul Vitan.

Read here: https://www.acitymadebypeople.com/journal/bucharest-flea-market-targul-vitan

3. Local Heroes #44 - Diana and Alex bring botanicals in synergy – The Herbalist

We’ve been delighted to feature The Herbalist, a thriving project on savory concoctions sourcing high quality herbs that will enhance your food or drink.

Read the interview here: https://citinerary.net/bucharest/article/local-heroes-44-the-herbalist 

Words by Alexa

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