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The value of a college degree is not about the piece of paper you hold at the end, but rather about the experiences and accomplishments while there.

Published by Oana on 09/12/2015

What do people do with their degree paper? What do you do with yours? Put it in a plastic sleeve. Call it your portfolio. Label it “ONE EXPENSIVE PIECE OF PAPER”, then frame it and hang it on the wall – constantly reminding yourself that you graduated magna cum laude (more or less). HELL NO. We all know it: a great number of diplomas get little to no consideration, ending up as a bulk of necessary work for graduation.

Not anymore. The Institute has launched DIPLOMA – an event that brings art & vocational graduates’ work to the attention of a broader audience. Fresh grads now have the opportunity to visually pitch their final papers, by featuring them in a multidisciplinary yet akin environment. Albeit a “toddler” at its second edition, the event was pretty impressive in terms of numbers & realms of works exhibited. It called together 8 universities from Bucharest and 4 others from the rest of the country, bringing to the same table students, professionals and entrepreneurs in the creative industries. And the general public, why not. 

An exhibition of works of architecture, interior design, landscaping, urbanism, ceramics / glass / metal, painting, sculpture, ambiental design, graphic design, industrial design, product design, fashion design and textile arts, photography, video, graphics. However, the predictable classic format of an exhibition was set aside, making room for a brand new approach called „a body of works”.

Bathed in natural warm light or, on the contrary, placed in artificially lit spaces, collections of independent works contoured the 12 themes of the exhibition - Membranes, Mutations, Transmitters, The Altruistic Gene, Mirror-Neurons - just to name a few.

"We love that it has a nostalgic dimension, there wasn’t anything like this in our times. And it’s a much needed addition to the academic experience – you struggle to get in so you can at least enjoy the Freshmen Ball. Then you struggle for another four years to get out and nobody seems to notice. It’s like when you practice tennis and train for years at a tennis wall, then play with no spectators so no one sees how much you improved your serve or your backhand.” – says Dan Popov, one of the organizers.

Bringing upfront a whole new wave of young talented individuals, DIPLOMA is another step forward to the city’s efforts in feeding the growing interest towards creative industries.

More photos here.

- Oana

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