How to experience Bucharest like a local?

Correspondent Adriana teamed up with a local travel blogger to show you how to experience Bucharest to its fullest.

Published by Adriana on 05/10/2016

I have been living in Bucharest for 5 years now, but I still remember what it is was like to wander the streets in my first months here. I felt like a tourist and was trying hard not to look like one. Now, as a local, I met up with a blogger to find out about some hotspots. 

I caught Cristina, travel blogger at Valiza cu cãlãtorii (transl. Suitcase with trips), right before one of her trips. This is what we came up with. So what can we say about Bucharest and not find out from a travel agency?

To start with, we have the Palace of the Parliament which is the second largest building in the world and yes, you can visit it.


But you also have other stuff to do here: like visiting Calea Victoriei (transl. Victory Avenue) and you weirdly find yourself in Paris. But at 68-70 Calea Victoriei you’ll find a Tourist Information Center where you can find out you’re definitely in Bucharest. Phew.

On your way to the hotel from the airport you probably saw an Arch of Triumph. No, it’s not the jetlag. It’s not the Arc de Triomphe de l'Étoile and you’re still not in Paris. It’s our Arch of Triumph on the Kiseleff Road.

And you’ll probably find many other architectural similarities with Paris. I’ll let you discover yourself why Bucharest is called the Little Paris or the Paris of the East. But Bucharest is a mixture of culture, architectural styles and even people so you can say that my city is like Paris, but not quite, like Berlin, but not quite, and so on. Name what European city you’d like.

As your first time here as a tourist you’ll say you’ve probably landed in different periods. Fancy travelling in time by just walking or taking the metro? Medieval, interwar period, communist era, contemporary times? You name it, you’ll find it here.

And yes, you will find a nice place to stay here. Whether you are here for a business trip, a city break or to see your favorite band live (we love music and we have many many festivals here), you can choose between many hotels, hostels, corporate apartments or just rent an Airbnb apartment.

As a local you permanently have a wishlist of places to go here because new places open with the speed of sound. Living here is like a staycation.


Check out Cristina’s list of things to do in Bucharest:

  • Rooftop parties, not only in the summertime and on the Palace of Parliament too (you can only imagine how it is to party on the top of the second biggest building in the world)

  • Drinking my coffee at M60 while I’m writing my travel blog

  • Eating at… there are too many great places, but a foreigner should try Caru’ cu bere and La Plãcinte

  • Chillin’ in gardens like Verona, Eden

  • Taking a dip in the middle of winter at a Therme 

  • Buying a Blouse Roumaine (you know, the one from the Henri Matisse painting) 

  • Party hard in the Old City, right in the Center of Bucharest are a lot of nice pubs

Bucharest Rising from Mihai Doarna on Vimeo.

Having a serious case of wanderlust? Try Bucharest!

Photo courtesy of Matei Edu

Words by Adriana

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