A Bucharest Tea Lover in a City of Coffee Shops

Bucharest tea lover, looking to escape the coffee invasion.

Published by Gabriela on 02/03/2017

I am a simple woman and thinks that a cup of tea is the answer to everything. Now, is it?

Growing up, I had tea each morning with toast and jams, while my parents were having their coffee to get them ready for work. I enjoyed the herbal and fruity teas for quite a while before I discovered the actual tea plant, which made me become a #tealover forever.

The timing was great when I came to Bucharest, as the tea places were very hip and appearing as mushrooms after a rain. Great and wild gardens or ruin buildings transferred their incredible stories into the fresh tea spots. There were also lots of “entrepreneurs” who just wanted to benefit from this trend and were selling hypermarket tea, which reflected in the long run. Now, the good places still gather people together to share stories over a cup of tea.

However, in the last couple of years, Bucharest has slowly forgotten about relaxing over tea and went straight to getting pumped for work with coffee places all over the neighborhoods. The meetings and gatherings are now at coffee places – and this comes from a somewhat traditional custom of women meeting for “a small coffee” and gossip around. But all the coffee-to-go places don’t express this. Fellow colleagues at ACMB and coffee lovers from all over the world, please keep in mind that I still think you’re awesome, I’m just a bit hurt by this trend, that’s all.

The way Bucharest is evolving year by year amazes me and I embrace every change with an open heart. I use this small frustration to thinking about how my city reflects its citizens throughout the places which appear. So maybe now there are just fewer people who enjoy a cup of tea out in Bucharest, and I’ll have to live with that.


Words by correspondent Gabriela.

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