Ciao! Welcome to the Streets of Turin

Join Monica & Jehanne as they welcome us to Turin, arriving through different paths but sharing the same love for this cultural and vibrant city. 

Published by Jehanne on 05/12/2017

The first two hands meet ‘Piacere Jehanne.' The face of the stranger looks confused. ‘Strange R she got’ is what she thinks. She reaches out to the second hand, while focusing to catch the accent. ‘Piacere Monica,’ with a perfect Italian accent, she makes her conclusion and says: so you aren’t sisters?

No, not really, we are from different families, cities and even different countries. Jehanne is Dutch with blonde hair, blue eyes, and light skin. Monica on the otherhand, is Italian with dark hair, brown eyes, and a slightly tanned skin.

So why do they sometimes think we are sisters?

Although one talks in Italian and the other in Dutch, we speak the same language. A language that is created by the impressions of the city. Our words and thoughts are made by the people that live in it, who walk or ride on their bicycles through its street. A language composed of historical buildings, chocolate, good coffee and walks along the river. A language that has its origin in the city called Turin..

A City Made By People Welcome Turin Picture1

Photo by Fabio Rovere

As people who live in Turin, but arrived there via different paths (one born-and-bred torinese, one Dutch foreigner who’s made a home in the city), we have come to know the many sides of Turin.

Turin is like a person who is growing up – they’re learning who they are, and what they like. They used to be boring – like, on a Sunday night you could never find a restaurant that was open – but now it’s like the city is in its 20s, doing all the fun stuff and trying to get the best out of life!” Monica says.

I think it is a pretty authentic city. Turin is slowly opening up and showing itself more, but there are still so many restaurants and bars that have traditional piemontese food and wine,” says Jehanne. “You really see the life of the people living in Turin here – it’s not overflowing with tourists and you can enjoy it as a real Italian city.

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Photo by Fabio Rovere

Every day the streets of Turin are passed by writers, photographers, artists and videographers who see the city with its own perspective, however they have one thing in common: a passion for the city. We wanted to bring this love for the city together and started the project Le strade di Torino (literally translated: the street of Turin).

Le strade di Torino is a bilingual Italian-English online magazine exploring all things in Turin – from dining and drinking to shopping and weekend activities – told through the eyes of a diverse mix of contributors:

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Photo by Fabio Rovere

Some years ago, an Italian civil engineer on high heels arrived in Torino to make her first steps in the automotive world. Her name was Maria Chiara and is nowadays a well-known fashion blogger of Turin. With the explosive closet and daring pairings since childhood, she has always sought the unconventional detail for a fashion that is both beauty and fun. If you would like to run into her, get yourself to Via Catania and Via Cagliari, the uncrowded streets of Turin, where you will find beautiful shops of tailored suits. Look around for a girl on a red bike, who rides it as she is born in this city. When she misses her time in New York, you will find her sipping a big black american coffee at Pai Bikery, where they can check her bike while she is finishing the coffee..

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                                                                                                                                    Photo by Daniele Epifani

What makes a girl from Rome leave her city and move to Turin? To follow one of her biggest dreams: to become an illustrator! Arianna left in a hurry, bringing with her this Roman accent (very difficult to get rid of) and a couple of suitcases full of books and magazines. It was a leap in the dark: she didn’t know anything about Turin, but it didn’t take long to fall in love with it! Curious where an illustrator from Rome is hanging out in Turin? Have a look in Vanchiglia, an upcoming neighbourhood full of artists, where you find the bar Barbiturici and Tom Design, a studio and design gallery with beautiful lamps, chairs and rainbow walls!

A City Made By People Welcome Turin Picture5

Photo by Arianna Cristiano

Born and bred in a small town outside of Turin, the differently tall and always hair-messy Gianluca moved to Vanchiglia few years ago. A real food and wine lover, who enjoys them even more in a well designed restaurant. He looks out for new and creative concepts that pop up in town, especially in his own neighbourhood Vanchiglia. You want to offer him a coffee in exchange for some cool tips about Turin? Make your way to QUI in Vanchiglia, so small that you can not miss him.

A City Made By People Welcome Turin Picture6

Photo by Fabio Rovere

If you think of Gianluca, you think of Fabio, because when words are written by Gianluca, images are taken by Fabio. Being a creative director in an agency, Fabio walks the streets of Turin with a different angle, which he catches with his camera. Words are not needed. The pictures tell you more than a thousand words how he feels about the city Turin.

A City Made By People Welcome Turin Picture7

Photo by Fabio Rovere

The Olympic winter games of 2006 woke up the city of Turin. Neighbourhoods were renovated and repurposed to welcome the thousand winter-sport fans in the Italian city. The development didn’t stop after the top sporters left, new things keep on popping up in the city. Valentina follows this development with all her senses, but mostly with her taste. She loves food and knows where to find the best, as she has a big passion for everything that is connected with food. She loves to wander the narrow streets of Quadrilatero, from Via Barbaroux to Largo IV Marzo, which used to be streets to avoid but are nowadays the streets to run into the most delicious places. 

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A City Made By People Welcome Turin Picturebarbaroux

These are the streets of Turin as we see and know them. A blur of activities and creative experiences popping up everywhere in a city that is no more considered grey and boring. Follow our journey as we tell you the story of this city that we like to call home. 

Image Uploaded From I Os

Photo by Wouter Struyk

Words by Jehanne Oostra & Monica Pianosi
Pictures by Fabio Rovere, Daniele Epifani & Arianna Cristiano

We're super excited to welcome the beautiful and vibrant Turin to our network of cities, benvenuto! If you're keen on reading more about city life and culture, check out Issue 2 of our print journal here:

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