Cities Made by People

Last Tuesday Lloyd digital lab hosted 'Cities Made by People'. Cities Made by People was an evening of talks, exhibitions and collaboration from people creating new perspectives on urban life.

Published by Mio on 10/05/2013

The guest speakers were from interesting different artistic, entrepreneurial and ethnic backgrounds.


Robin Cox, founder of Citinerary, was invited to speak about the services offered by Citinerary but moreover the motives behind it.

"We live in a space of constant change and creativity. A space that's both driven and defined through people: culture, lifestyle, behavior and attitude. A city made by people.

City stop-overs make it almost impossible to tap into these cultural patterns. No city map or website can guide you through culture or give you a customized experience. Travel enriches, but mostly through creating an understanding of each other.

The Citinerary team ushers in a change to city travel by offering a web-based cultural service by city locals that's personal, customized and sincere. This way an exchange of lifestyle, culture and knowledge happens between locals and visitors in real life, unlocking the city for both of them". Thus Robin Cox.


Other interesting guest speakers were Raz Schwartz and Nadav Hochman who re-imagine cities through their projects, positioned at the intersection of design and computer science. Their project 'Visualization Instagram' traces cultural visual rhythms. They use Cultural Analytics visualization techniques for the study of around 550,000 images taken by Instagram users.

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Andrew Wagner from Krrb spoke about his New York web-based service platform that creates a fun, friendly and safe place to connect with neighbors for local and in-person commerce.  It's a great way to find local treasures and enhance neighborly quality.

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And the creative 'biotope artist' Elizabeth Demaray who creates environmental installations. As many of our companion species are going extinct we may soon have to create fictive environments to experience a sense of calm and beauty, especially in an urban context.


The Lloyd hotel where the event was held, is located in a historical building and was born out of curiosity of cultural baggage. It's not just a hotel but also a cultural embassy with a deep knowledge of Dutch design traditions. Lloyd Hotel organizes cultural and art events that exposes new lines of thinking. Thank you Lloyd Hotel for an inspiring and  fun evening. And a special thanks to our Citinerary local Jurgen for hosting some nice tunes.





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