To celebrate the creativity that’s being devoted to Instagram, Citinerary founder Robin and city correspondent Mio went to connect with Holland’s favorite Instagrammers.

Published by Mio on 21/05/2014

Ever since the earliest days of Instagram, people have been meeting up to take photos and videos together. Last weekend was the 9th WorldWide InstaMeet which was the biggest and most international one up to date!

We kicked off with great coffee at Headfirst Coffee Roasters at the heart of the Jordaan. We continued our journey roaming the streets of Amsterdam, getting to know the cool cats of Instagram and snapping pictures in between. Some of the Instagrammers we got to know are professional photographers and while others are (very good!) hobbyists. It was great meeting such a variety of people, with different styles and stories. Here are a few Instagrammers we got to know with a view of their InstaMeet day...

Marieke @Verdenius is a true foodie and an editor at Jamie Oliver Magazine, she knows how to visually create a world with great 'food moments'. Her favourite photo editing app is Snapseed and the Adobe Photoshop Express app.



Two young guys that caught my attention are the talented 14-year-old twin brothers @willemsizoo and @bob_sizoo who are known for beautiful nature shots that seem to be creative beyond their years. Bob captured @Imagineve and @InstaKay in a motorcycle mirror while they were enjoying the Amsterdam canals.foto.PNG-3


We were in for another treat  because our friends at FOAM Photography Museum invited us for a great tour. Citinerary's Robin (on the right) is soaking up all the goodness of Richard Mosse's Infra series (captured by @Charlottevandenberg) Thank you Foam!

Next to Robin is @joostbastmeijer. A journalist with an awesome portfolio of amazing travel pictures. He lives in the heart of Amsterdam and gives his followers beautiful angles of the city. He caught one of the Sizoo brothers shooting Robin and @oimmio from @Citinerary at Pasta e Basta.
Pasta e Basta is the most entertaining Italian restaurant of Amsterdam. They gave us a great taste of the Italian kitchen while the waiters were blowing us away with impressive serenades!


We did our share of walking so it was great to enjoy Amsterdam from a different perspective that didn't involve a cardio workout. Blue Boat Company invited the InstaMeet crew to enjoy Amsterdam from one of their boats. @Imagineve and @InstaKay, two love birds originally from Germany, love sneakers, cats AND snaps of the good life.. here's one for the books.


To top it off we ended our tour at Dvars for some amazing cocktails. My recommendation, the flaming 'Kentucky Samba's'! foto.PNG-10


There are too many interesting Instagrammers to mention, but we'd like to thank Instagram's Community Manager @hannahrw (the one in the middle) for the great program! Also @andresdelange, @onahazymorning, @p_d_y and @crisam from the InstaMeet crew, thank you for the great insights and inviting @Citinerary at #wwim9.

It was great to see all the Instagrammers sharing their beautiful Amsterdam with the community. Keep on rocking!



Here an impression of the Sunday group:

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