Citizens on Top of their High-Rise Capital

Time to explore the city from above during the Rotterdamse Dakendagen (Rooftop Days).

Published by Wouter on 17/06/2015

Rotterdam is the proud self proclaimed ‘High-rise Capital’ of the Netherlands. With no historic centre, Rotterdammers embrace their high buildings and modern architecture. In the top-10 of highest buildings in the Netherlands, the first five belong to Rotterdam.

Last weekend were the so called Rotterdamse Dakendagen (‘Rooftop Days’) being held for the first time. 40 buildings opened their rooftops for anyone who wanted to visit and explore rooftops of Rotterdam. A variety of rooftops could be visited, from a parking garage and the biggest department store to churches and financial buildings.

The organization said they wanted to demonstrate in what ways roofs could contribute to a sustainable future. When you come to think of it, it’s actually a shame that all that available space above our heads isn’t used in a more efficient way.

The Rotterdamse Dakendagen collaborated with Instawalk010, a community of passionate instagrammers that like to go places no one ever goes and take every opportunity to explore (and share) their city with the rest of the instagram community. Austrian born founder of Instawalk010 Christine Fürst took some photos during this collaboration, which you can see in this article.

This first edition of the Rooftop Days was another great example of how open-minded Rotterdam can be. Looking to the future, open for ideas, innovative and creative, bringing people together; that’s what we like about this city.

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A special thanks to Christine for the great pictures in this article.

- Wouter -

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