The 20 Winners of the City Enthusiast Campaign

Get your print Journal today & join the City Enthusiast photo competition. Here are the winners of the campaign!

Published by Robin on 18/03/2016

With the launch of our first A City Made By People Journal and Kickstarter campaign, we also launched an Instagram photo campaign. City enthusiasts from all over the world have shared their city photo with us by adding the hashtag #acitymadebypeople and #cityenthusiast.

Throughout the last weeks we've been overwhelmed by the amount of entries. From over 1500 entries, we've selected the 20 best photos, which all will be featured in our first print A City Made By People Journal this Spring. We sincerely like to thank everyone for contributing their love of the city they live in!

The competition has ended, but our Kickstarter campaign finishes on the 5th of April.

We would therefore really appreciate your support by getting your copy of the A City Made By People Journal today! More info here:

The 20 selected winners to be featured in our Journal are:

Thank you all for the beautiful entries from all around the world!

- Team Citinerary -

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