Come as You Are, Pay as You Feel

Food, art, and joy is what makes ‘Trust’ go round. A feel-good lunchroom where you can enjoy healthy homemade soups, sandwiches and juices but YOU decide how many Euro's you wanna spend on it.

Published by Mio on 24/01/2014

This cosy place at the Albert Cuyp market doesn’t seem to be your average lunchroom or diner though. I love the atmosphere, the food and above all the concept. A new retail concept in Amsterdam.
Reason enough for me to pick Joyce and Hugo’s brains on what their inspiration was to start this unique and bold concept...


“At Trust we are a community operating as a business. And within Trust the community aspect comes first, and the business aspect follows. Trust is a place where we watch our thoughts and openly share how we feel. As we do this on a consistent basis we move closer to the goal everybody at Trust strives for: Peace of mind, love and joy”.

"The core group started only 4 months ago after having ‘traveled’ a spiritual inward journey for 2 years. Seven of us were inspired to continue the journey on the Albert Cuypstraat with Trust, where we wanted to practice our core beliefs. The belief is that we clear our mind of anything unlike ‘peace of mind, love and joy’ the Source will provide all the necessary resources”.

Feel like you could use a bite that's made with love, some friendly smiles that give you some peace of mind and revel in quirky artwork? Check in at Albert Cuypstraat 210.










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