Community - The Illustrated Side of Bucharest #1

Let's follow Ramona in an illustrative guide to a Bucharest we have yet to see. In this four-part series, we'll explore some local illustrations of the city's urban art scene! Let's go!

Published by Guest on 04/02/2018

In 2017 we have seen local illustration taking over basically everything one can imagine: from book covers to ceramic plates to silk scarves, quirky toys, playing cards and real cars, wearables and breakables, walls and windows, chairs and pillows, buses and sidewalks. In a community where illustration has forever since been the synonym of 'children’s books,' it has finally ventured some steps beyond and discovered the many other forms it can take. 

As Bucharest is still the most spoiled city in Romania regarding the number of exhibitions, art fairs, shops and events dedicated to illustration, here goes a short recap of some of the most recent illustration happenings around: 


A City Made By People Bucharest Illustrative Community Visual Playground 2017 Malika Favre Photo Romina Banu

Photo courtesy of Romina Banu, Visual Playground Open Nights

VISUAL PLAYGROUND – the annual graphic design and illustration festival that takes place in Bucharest for 10 days in a row. It’s like a summer school (even though it doesn’t necessarily happen during summer every year), or like the Eastern European-born-and-not-so-famous-YET cousin of Berlin’s Pictoplasma and Dublin’s OFFSET. 

At Visual Playground, local professional illustrators and graphic designers enroll for a series of intensive workshops coordinated by worldwide acclaimed artists. In 2017, the luckiest people in Bucharest got to meet and learn from Debbie Millman, Malika Favre, Steve Simpson, Mattias Adolfsson, Hedof, Yukai Du, Henrique Barone and Tobias Hall, during 9 full-day workshops and 3 open conferences.

A City Made By People Bucharest Illustrative Community Art Of Protest Saddo Anul Asta Se Poarta Dungi2

Image courtesy of © SADDO

Art of Protest – a fiery endeavour that instantly gathered activist artworks signed by Romanian artists inspired by a series of unfortunate political events. Many illustrators offered their high-res artworks for free – the protesters could still download the files from the platform and print them on paper or on clothes to show their support for justice and for the fight against corruption. 

The Illustrated Constitution – Funky Citizens (a local NGO) came up with a children friendly version of the State Constitution, beautifully illustrated by a handful of local artists. 

Poster Jam - a monthly poster design & illustration challenge recently launched by graphic designer Artemisa Pascu.

A City Made By People Bucharest Illustrative Community Poster Jam Journey By Radu Qtefan @cracklez

Image courtesy of © Radu Ștefan (@cracklez)

Hot Lagoon – a frequent pop-up illustration and zine fair organized by a couple of fresh illustrators.

A City Made By People Bucharest Illustrative Community Hot Lagoon

Last year we got to see more illustrations than ever published in local indie magazines like DOR, on the cultural platform, and surprisingly even in glam magazines, such as Glamour Romania. And of course, 2017 will also be remembered as the year Bucharest was dressed up in Andreea Dobrin Dinu’s illustrations – as she signed the visual identity for Art Safari Bucharest. 

A City Made By People Bucharest Illustrative Community Editorial Illustration Sorina Vazelina Decat O Revista2

© Illustration by Sorina Vazelina for Decât o Revistă Magazine

© Illustrated gif by Andreea Dobrin Dinu / for Art Safari 2017

A City Made By People Bucharest Illustrative Community Art Safari Andreea Dobrin Dinu Summerkidworks Com

2018 will certainly bring us more and more illustrated projects. Hopefully, both witty and pretty, and more daring artworks. More voices and color for social causes and overall a more visible involvement in silencing the hate monster and restoring faith in humanity. 

Words by Ramona Chirica of Studio Receptor 

Romana 1

Thanks for tuning in and we hope you've enjoyed these lovely illustrations. Next week there's more but first, our lovely print journal's got some illustrative talent in it too! Keen on checking it out?

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