Damn Food Waste

A festival handing out free meals at the Museumplein.

Published by Mio on 30/06/2013

Last Saturday 5000 free meals, made from fresh vegetables and other ingredients that would otherwise have never reached our plates due to 'cosmetical' reasons (too crooked, too small, too big etc), were being handed out at the Museumplein.

damnfood7Fill bellies not bins

"The average Dutch person throws away one third of its purchased food. That equals 100.000 fully stuffed trucks and 4.4 billion EURO worth of wasted food."

The goal of the Damn Food Waste festival is that Dutch consumers, firms and the government wake up and take action against wasting edible food products. For tips on this please visit their Facebook site.


Damn Food Waste festival is for everyone

Families, tourists and bums... everyone was enjoying their free meals while sitting in the sun with the beautiful view of the Rijksmuseum and catchy tunes being played on the background.


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There were a lot of fun activities with an educational twist for kids as well as adults.

For more information on the global food waste scandal please watch Tristram Stuart's interesting TED Talk video.


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