Dating in Amsterdam - the perfect triad

Five top locations around Amsterdam to have your first three dates plus an emergency exit route. What more do you need?!

Published by Guest on 19/04/2016

­Spring has finally sprung and Amsterdam is looking ever more vibrant. The days are not only longer but warmer too, and everyone is out and about enjoying the weather. This city is filled with life and consequently, it’s a brilliant place to be single in.

Dating is a fun game; from the initial one-to-one meeting all the way to the late-night texting, but at the same time it can be awfully awkward and just plain… bad or weird. In the past few months I have developed a theory for the three perfect dates; the ultimate date triad.

These dates provide first and foremost a setting in which they can easily be extended if things are going well, but also have a very easy escape route in case the date needs to be cut short ASAP. The theory is then put to action with a few suggestions around Amsterdam where these dates can be realized.

A City Made By People Dating in Amsterdam five locations

Date No.1

Keep it casual: a mid-week drink. Meet-up straight after work, somewhere local and convenient for both. That way you can go well into the evening and spend a few hours together.

Perfect spot: Café Brecht, Weteringschans 157

Centrally located, but far enough from the city madness, Café Brecht is a cozy little place, filled with vintage, Berlin-style, living room furniture. Whether you take a seat at the bar, by the piano or on the window sill outside, you will enjoy the intimate yet friendly atmosphere. As the owners themselves say, Café Brecht has “no forced hipness, but timeless romance”.

Emergency exit

Since it’s mid-week, this date can easily be cancelled or cut short for the obvious reason that you are working or have an early class the next day. No one can argue when it comes to an early morning wake-up.

A City Made By People Dating in Amsterdam five locations

Date No.2

Meet during the day: a weekend late lunch. On a beautiful spring day, you can meet up and have a quick bite whilst you get to know each other a bit better. If it goes well, lunch can turn to a walk around the park which can lead to grabbing a cup of coffee and before you know it you’ve spent the whole day together. The plan can be instantly weatherproofed by exchanging the walk in the park with a museum or gallery show. 

Note: Brunch is not lunch. Brunch is a particularly couple-y event, so try to stay clear of brunches until later dates.

A City Made By People Dating in Amsterdam five locations

Perfect spot #1: VINNIES, Haarlemmerstraat 46 HS

VINNIES is a small and cute deli in the popular shopping street Haarlemmerstraat. Set in a minimal and homey atmosphere, VINNIES serves simple, pure and healthy lunches. “Love goes through the stomach” say the old and wise and this little deli epitomizes the saying. And what’s best; you can even take a piece of VINNIES home with you, as all of the furniture in the stores is on sale! Westerpark is just around the corner as well, perfectly located for your walk should you decide to extend the date!

A City Made By People Dating in Amsterdam five locations

Perfect spot #2: FRIDAY NEXT, Overtoom 31

Just off the Museumplein, FRIDAY NEXT is a concept store, studio and café fusion. Decorated exclusively with their own designs, it provides a wonderful setting to sit and enjoy a cup of coffee or healthy lunch. Its glass façade blends the outdoor and indoor in one wonderful area and the café is located perfectly for a quick drop by different museums in case the day is looking gloomy, but your date isn’t.

Emergency exit

Weekends are the time for catching up with friends, so to avoid uncomfortable situations you can plan to meet up with your buddies in the evening and slip away in style. Friends are amazing safety nets.

A City Made By People Dating in Amsterdam five locations

Date No.3

The old time classic flipped on it’s head; movie and dinner. You know each other well enough by now to be able to choose a movie to go see together. If things are going well, then why not grab some dinner right after? It’s a classic date move, but it doesn’t need to be too romantic or fancy, still keeping it light and fun.

Tip: The day of the week doesn’t matter much, but knowing Amsterdam, make sure you book in advance for this one.

A City Made By People Dating in Amsterdam five locations

Perfect spot #1: The Movies, Haarlemmerdijk 161

If you’re a fan of Art Deco and good food, then this is the place for you. The Movies have a variety of film screenings, showing a great selection from blockbuster to smaller cult films daily. Plus, the interior makes you feel like you stepped into a different era; a distant time when style and romance was part of daily life.

A City Made By People Dating in Amsterdam five locations

Perfect spot #2: De Hallen, Hannie Dankbaar Passage 33

Want to take it all down a notch? Then head over to De Hallen; an old tram shelter transformed into a collection of public spaces. The Foodhallen is a Spanish Mercado influenced space, with various food stations scattered around a large hall. You can find anything from dumplings, to burgers, to cute cupcakes which you can eat at shared tables. Next door is the Filmhallen, where train shelters have turned into intimate screening rooms and, as its the sister theatre to The Movies, its film selection is equally outstanding.

Emergency exit

Dinner can be implied, but nothing is written in stone. If you get weird vibes, then simply skip the dinner and you’ve held your end of the deal just fine.


So, you might be wondering, how have these worked out for me?

Well, this girl doesn’t kiss and tell.

- Ioanna -

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