Exploring the City Together - Instawalk10 is Thriving

A conversation with Christine Fürst, founder of the Instawalk010 in Rotterdam.

Published by Wouter on 22/07/2015

Some people think that social media alienates people from each other, I like to think the opposite. Thanks to social apps like Instagram and the communities that emerged from it, you can go places you would never have gone on your own and you can meet people that you would never have met.

In our previous article, on the Rotterdam Roof Days, I already touched upon Instawalk010. Time to go a bit more in-depth, in conversation with Christine Fürst, founder of this thriving Rotterdam Instagram community.

We are nerds

“Looking at your own city with brand-new eyes. Being a tourist in your very own town. Exploring the city together”, founder Christine Fürst tries to explain the essence of Instawalk010, “We are nerds, Instagram nerds.”

“Late 2011 we had our first meet. I was walking around with the idea for an Instameet for quite a while, because I saw lots of photos from all over the world where people got together for these so called instameets, seeing all that made me happy.” Christine continues:

Our first meet was so much fun. I met so many people that I only had seen on Instagram, we never met in real life before. It was cool to meet people who also love photography and who love to discover parts of their city as well. Because it was such a success I decided to do this more often and that’s when I founded Instawalk010 and I started to build a community.”


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