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According to scientists, four dimensions have been established. Explore the unknown, undefined, and unexplored fifth dimension with TEDxAUCollege - where anything is possible.

Published by Linnea on 27/03/2018

What happens when you give young minds a scene for discussing the developments of the future? The feeling we got when we attended Amsterdam University College's TEDx talk in the very impressive scenery of the Royal Tropical Institute (KIT) on March 13, was: ‘Anything is possible.'

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TEDx, as you may now, is the event that brings people together to share ‘ideas worth spreading.' The very backbone of the TEDx program is to let communities come together and spark ideas to bring forward innovation and positive changes. AUCollege has been organizing the TEDx events for five years, as a way for the students to not only get the benefit of working on a project of organizing big events, but also to get the chance of selecting who might take the stage that shares their beliefs and hopes on the future world.

The purpose of the events is to inspire and get inspired. Sharing and listening and feeling a bit more enlightened when you walk out of the massive entrance doors of the KIT.

Right image, courtesy of Muzi Ndiweni

As A City Made By People had the TEDxAUC board speaking at our event, and we got a taste for what the event would be like from its pitch night, we were just as excited when we entered the impressive hall of the KIT theatre, together with hundreds of others all gathered with curiosity for what the eight speakers were going to bring to the stage. 

The topics of the evening were all focused on this year’s theme: ‘The Fifth Dimension.’ The fifth dimension is not just, if you google it, a 1969 American pop-vocal group. It is also what scientists call, a dimension unseen by humans. An unexplored area in which the speakers of the evening was hoping to touch on.

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Left image, courtesy of Olivier Overberg
Right image, courtesy of Muzi Ndiweni

The tension in the air of the attendees was: ‘Anything is possible.’ This feeling was in line with the variety of topics shared.

Such as Digital Nomads by the Backpacker Intern Mark Van Der Heijden (who also spoke at A City Made By People’s event). Who told the story of having a simple idea while biking his ordinary route to work, and fulfilling it by traveling around the globe working for 32 companies in 27 countries. Or a gaze into the future of technology with Sander Veenhofs talk on ‘How to be your own robot.’ He was portraying the developments of technology as they might not always be for the greater good. That we might be looking into something that could be an episode of Black Mirror (the apocalyptic Netflix series about humans at the Domesday of technology).

The sharing’s of the evening was high and low. Everybody in the audience had a chance to relate or recognize something; breaking the circle of your ordinary life, the power of using communication in the right way, embracing death with culture, understanding in the world of radical political opinions, or being a minority in your own city.

Bottom left image & right image, courtesy of Muzi Ndiweni

We hoped that each or even one of these topics was picked up by somebody in the audience, taken out of the Royal Tropical Institute and the TEDxAUC event, to be connected, further developed — and hopefully developed into positive actions. Which idea will this be from the March 13 event? That is left to see.

A City Made By People would like to thank Amsterdam University College for inviting us to the event, and the eight speakers Mark Van Der Heijden, Sander Veenhof, Martha Montero-Sieburth, Patricia Kaersenhout, Mick Ter Reehorst, Saskia Van Den Muijsenberg, Ella MacLaughlin and Michiel Van Elk for sharing your ideas on the fifth dimension!

Words by Linnea Holgersson
Photography by Muzi Ndiweni, Olivier Overbeg, & Sarah Picolet

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