Frozen temptations on a stick - the smallest ice pop shop in Oslo

I spotted and met with Petter from “På Pinne” (Translated: on a stick): a mobile company located and ran from an ice cream wagon, selling handmade all natural ice pops.

Published by Bianca on 11/06/2015

Hello Petter, tell us a little about yourselves

We are 3 friends with different backgrounds that love ice cream. One warm summer day we were hanging out and enjoying some ice cream in the sun when someone said "this ice pop doesn’t really taste like real pear?" - "No", someone else replied, - “we should make real pear pops out of real fruit”.

På Pinne was born.

Who is your typical customer?

We have no typical customer. There are people just looking for treats but also companies wanting to do something fun for their employees. We do a lot of festivals, private party delivery and catering. Good times.

What are your plans for the summer?

We have tons of plans this summer! It’s going to be a fun summer with many festivals and a lot of experimenting on new ice pop flavours. We will also be riding our pushbike that has a freezer on it around Oslo selling ice pops in parks and generally where people hang out on the streets.

Do any have any fun facts “På Pinne” or yourselves?

I think we are Oslo’s or maybe Norway’s smallest ice pop shop – we think that is pretty cool.

Founder Petter at work.

If you want to visit På Pinne this summer, they are located on Sukkerbiten behind the Opera House, right by the Oslo fjord. Have a happy Summer!

- Bianca -

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