From dawn till dusk - Kralingse Plas is just stunning

Rotterdam correspondent Laura has a passion for photography and shows that in this stunning visual diary of the Kralingse Plas.

Published by Laura M. on 28/10/2015

Moving to Rotterdam was by far one of the greatest moments in my life. Among others, it meant that I would finally earn enough to go on so called weekend city trips. That is, I would finally be able to visit and discover all those European cities that I dreamed of such as Barcelona, Porto, London, Paris, and the list goes on. So what about Rotterdam? What about my city – a place I would call home for the upcoming years?

Back in 2012 when I moved here I decided to start being more Dutch and go jogging. That is when I made my very first ‘discoveries’ in Rotterdam – and what a discovery it was! Kralingse Plas – the ideal location away from the big city, yet still able to catch a glimpse of the skyline in the horizon. Below I share how I discovered Kralingse Plas – simply gorgeous landscape spotted at the crack of dawn.

Three years later I went to re-discover the same place but this time at the other spectacular moment of the day – at dusk. Here’s what I saw…

So, buy an alarm clock, pick up your bike, your running shoes or your walking shoes and go explore!

- Laura M -

All imagery is the courtesy of Laura M

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