Local Heroes #1 - Rambler

We're happy to present to you our first post on Local Heroes. The category is entirely dedicated to brands and individuals that have started something special, are creative and successful, reaching out to the international community. Companies and people from the city of Amsterdam we're proud of and deserve some more attention.

Published by Robin on 12/03/2013

In Local Heroes #1 we like to share the story of Rambler, a social venture and fashion brand combined. With a studio in the heart of Amsterdam, they've recently been awarded as one of the most radical innovators which are out there. We've to admit we're a bit biased, but beautiful stories should be told and shared. Below a short Q&A with Carmen van der Vecht, co-founder of Rambler (RMBLR). RMBLR 1. How would you describe your company in one sentence: 

We are an authentic street wear fashion label designed and created by street teens in main global cities. 

2. When and how did you start? 

In 2006 Rambler was born out of a photography project by portraying rough street teens in downtown London. Their striking styles could not be translated enough through a single portrait. Their style asked for a translation into fashion items, that others would like to wear too and through which the teens would receive positive vibes and profits in return. RMBLR1 3. Where has the name Rambler been derived from? 

Rambler means: "a person who rambles, one who takes country and city walks." 

4. How many people are involved and work for Rambler? 

Rambler works with a great team of 8 and an external team of many experts. RMBLR2 RMBLR3 5. What have the main highlights been so far? 

There have been lots, such as: - All the collections made so far with our designers: check out www.rmblr.com - The personal steps our designers have taken - The opening of our first Rambler studio in downtown Amsterdam - Our latest nomination being one of the 23 New Radical Innovators 

6. What's the most important lesson learned till now? What would you like to share with other fellow entrepreneurs? 

When feeling strongly about your concept: stay tuned and on it for the long run. RMBLR4 RMBLR5 7. What makes Amsterdam the most suitable place to start a company such as Rambler? 

Amsterdam is a very creative commercial city with strong attention to its social components and well-known internationally. Our first studio in Amsterdam is a good role model for other Rambler studio's coming up in other main cities. 

8. What other examples in your field are worth taking a look at? 

For me randomly in Amsterdam would: The HUB, RIMA, Streetcornerwork, Loenatix, Citinerary, Ragbag, Namasté, de winkel van GUUS, Afaina/AFARAI, Fifteen, Pakhuis de Zwijger, Patta, Redlight Radio, Green Graffity, Strawberry Earth, Wijnspot. RMBLR7 RMBLR8 9. How do you look ahead to the future? Where will your company be in a few years from now? 

A very exciting one with inspiring items designed by teens all over the world and sold amongst many people in downtown city streets!!

10. A bit of a personal question: Any holidays planned? What city will you be visiting next? 

I'm looking forward to book a flight to London soon. Please find the entire Rambler story below and further information on www.rmblr.com

For more information on Rambler: www.rmblr.com 

Words by Robin

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