Local Heroes #11 - Lana

Lana, a Romanian fashion designer takes Romanian motifs and traditions to a whole new level in her lively and colourful collections.

Published by Guest on 23/07/2014

'Lana is a very young Romanian fashion designer, and a recent graduate who is currently researching for her PhD in Arts and Fashion. You can consider Lana an artist manifesting her beliefs through fashion- you would find Lana's clothing in an art gallery or in a museum, rather than in a shop.' With that introduction, we wanted to know more and interviewed her for a new Local Heroes #11 post. You have been one of the rising stars in the Romanian fashion industry. How did it all start? It started unintentionally, along with my final project for the university. The Facebook Dress and the Etno Dress conquered the internet even before I did. facebook-dress Tell us a bit about the Facebook dress. How did it become such a great success? At first I posted a photo of the dress on my Facebook profile back in 2010. This dress was an answer to a women’s worry about their virtual image rather than the real image of all women today. It started to spread quickly, but only after a couple of years did the dress get into the Top Trends of 2012 according to different publications such as Trendsetter.com. Screen Shot 2014-07-15 at 18.28.57 You’re the Andy Warhol of the Romanian culture in fashion. What are you trying to communicate through this?Thank you for the compliment. My collections are my own artistic expressions, they are not trends and they do not follow the typical process which the traditional fashion industry follows. I create them whenever I feel the desire to express an opinion, a wearable one. 10-romanian-apparel-lana Your collections - and I am particularly speaking about the ones related to or inspired by Romanian icons, traditions and patterns - are continuously gaining popularity. Do you think Romanians are trying to get back to their roots and rediscover their country? That is exactly what I tried to do through using traditional patterns, going back to the roots and reviving the forgotten dowry boxes that lie in our grandmothers' houses. Now the etno-movement has become a trend after all, which I try to continue myself, whilst getting closer and confronting it to the digital era in which we live. You decided to design an entire collection around the Merry Cemetery. How did people react to it and how did the idea pop into your mind? The illustrations from the Merry Cemetery in Sapanta are very close to what I believe naïve art (the essence of art, simple, pure, traditional and sincere) should be. This type of art inspires me and that is why I have decided to add those motifs into my collection. The collection appears to have become a success! colaj 4 pe lat Did your Romanian-inspired collections have gained popularity outside of Romania? Thankfully and luckily, YES! What are your plans for the near future, do you wish to stick to promoting Romanian values, or do you wish to explore new ‘territories’? I will promote Romanian values. At the end of the day, I, myself, am Romanian and that will never change. Thank you Lana for the great conversation. For more information about the collections, please visit: www.lanaa.ro www.facebook.com/Lanaa.ro - Ioana - 

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