Local Heroes #17 - The CAN

Get a glimpse of The CAN, Bucharest's international and local artists' hub.

Published by Guest on 04/11/2014

Tell us a few words about The CAN. The CAN (InResidence and OpenHouse) is an independent project where artists from other countries can live and work together and where local artists can promote the work they’re doing through workshops, exhibitions, performances, talks and other happenings. citinerary_bucharest_thecan2 citinerary_bucharest_thecan5 How did it all start? Like all good projects..it started over a beer. You are constantly organising exciting events. Is that purely for promotion, or is it to encourage the art scene in Bucharest? Having encountered all sorts of problems of our own during art school or working in the industry, we realised the need for this kind of spaces in Bucharest, so it’s not only to encourage the art scene but to give it a much needed hand, especially for the very young artists...i guess that’s how people started hearing about it. The CAN has a more word of mouth type of promotion. citinerary_bucharest_thecan8 What are your opinions about the art scene in Bucharest? It needs more patrons. citinerary_bucharest_thecan6 You won the Social Impact Award. What differentiated you from other participants. Do you plan on scaling? Maybe across other cities in Romania? How do you see the CAN evolving? Doing a three birds with one stone- one of the things that differentiated us from other participants is the fact that the project is exportable, so yes, we plan to open another house when possible in Romania and for the future, we hope to create a network in other countries as well. citinerary_bucharest_thecan1 Would you mind sharing a funny experience you’ve had with The CAN since you’ve launched it? The CAN was hosting three guests from a film festival and somehow everyone managed to misplace the key at the same time. We ended up breaking in and jumping the window one by one. It will always be remembered as the house without keys. citinerary_bucharest_thecan7 - Locksmith Andra & Janitor Liviu - Thank you, Andra & Liviu for sharing your story with us. As for you, lovely readers, I recommend you check The CAN's Facebook page here. - Ioana -

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