Local Heroes #2 - Sofie Winterson

Born & raised in a family that lives music. Hello world, meet singer-songwriter Sofie Winterson.

Published by Robin on 25/05/2013

Both her brother Joost, as her two sisters Cato & Floor are musicians. They are mostly singers, but all know how to play with a various range of musical instruments. They are fairly rooted in the Amsterdam music scene and are linked to the most talented musicians out there. An opportunity which gives them access to building a band and planning collaborations. With one single objective: to create a sound to be proud of and loved by their surrounding. SW_ A few years ago they united and started the band 'The Souldiers'. With numerous gigs and tv-performances, they decided to break apart and walk down their own paths of ambition.

Sofie Winterson's EP release

As a result singer-songwriter Sofie Winterson was born. Last Thursday we were happy to be part of her first EP release, as a warm-up to an album that will see the light in the near near future. SW_1 SW_2

The Sofie Winterson sound

Her sound can in general be described as dreamy, West Coast USA pop. By some described as indie, but honestly to say that we could discover some slight soul in certain songs as well. All tracks are a variation from up-tempo energetic to slow and dreamy.

"Sofie Winterson's biggest influence is the movement that surrounds her."

She is listed in a talent edition of music production agency Massive Music, who describe her style as: "Sofie has an unspoiled sound with a kind rhythm that comes from a very honest place. Her biggest influence is the movement that surrounds her; from the travels she has made to being a passive observer to the beauty of motion. Thats why her music tells stories, the kind of stories you want to be part of." SW_3SW_4 It's been a great and electric night, the crowd was ecstatic, the presentation very professional and the location at OT301 raw and free-spirited. SW_6SW_7SW_8 Sofie Winterson is a beautiful 26 year old talented singer-songwriter that has already taken over Amsterdam and soon will be The Netherlands. We hope she will cross borders and steal many more hearts across the world. SW_9SW_10     She's already been featured in a global consumer electronic commercial with both her song 'You're Eyes' as Sofie herself.   We wish Sofie all the best for the near future and will be tracking her! We hope you enjoyed this Local Heroes Sofie Winterson post. For more songs and information, please visit her website & soundcloud page: http://sofiewinterson.com/ https://www.facebook.com/SofieWinterson

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