Local Heroes #8 - Tea Tomescu

Last year, Tea Tomescu, a young Bucharest born graphic designer branded all the neighbourhoods in Bucharest.

Published by Guest on 26/06/2014

Tell us a bit about yourself. Who you are, what you do… I’m Tea Tomescu, a 24 year old graphic designer and illustrator who was born in Bucharest and I still live here. I’ve been born with a crazy wish to sketch on everything I see (doors, walls, notebooks). I’ve been doing this since I was very little. I’m currently working at an advertising agency as a graphic designer. As a part time freelancer I’m trying to illustrate as much as I can when I have time. Practice makes difference! TEA_TOMESCU_Universitate So you decided to brand all the neighbourhoods in Bucharest. What was the reason behind it and how did you come up with the idea? Well, I was born here. And as a creative person I tend to express myself in many other ways and try to find purpose for my job (& hobby). I had found some old postcards in my parents’ house and I saw that every postcard had a unique, communist typeface for the name of the location. So, I came up with the idea to make some logo's for the various locations. But, yet, I had almost no knowledge about various other cities around Romania. And I thought: “Why not trying to use knowledge about Bucharest, as I was born here?”. As I am in love with logo-making and branding, I started this project. 550379_418256191561833_419367581_n Your project got to be viral. How, and what was the outcome of it? I started to brand my own district - Berceni. I used an old postcard of the communist buildings freshly built in that period, put on some filters and made its own logo. I posted the photo online, it had so many likes and it went viral so fast (people were also saving it as their Facebook cover) that I couldn’t discriminate and I did this for every neighborhood and area in Bucharest. Every hood has its own logo and its own font. TEA_TOMESCU_Militari Are you taking the project further? (or can it become an actual campaign for Bucharest, not just an independent project?) I’d like to take the project further, but I’m still expecting proposals. I don’t really know who to contact and what to do. Of course, it can be more than postcards and a logo. It can also be all the stories behind every hood. TEA_TOMESCU_Titan You are a promoter of Romania. What, in your opinion does Romania need for a better promotion or a change of mentalities? Firstly, we, Romanians, need to change our mentality. I used to hate my country until four or five years ago. I didn’t really know much about other nationalities, but from what I heard then, I had an image of a person that wants to be free, to break out this country and feel good in another one, a better one. There may be better places, but it depends. It depends what you want, what your needs are. As nobody’s perfect, no country is perfect as well. Countries are like persons, they have personality. Negativity isn’t good for us, but it seems that there are more and more optimistic persons. Also, we have to promote our parties. Most of the tourists come here because we are sociable (not used to have foreigners, so more opened to them) and because we have the greatest parties. Tea Tomescu Thank you Tea for the great interview. Maybe there's a way to join forces in order to promote both Romania as its capital Bucharest. Follow Local Heroe Tea Tomescu here. Or on her Facebook page. - Ioana -  

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