Local Illustrators - The Illustrated Side of Bucharest #4

And here we are, at the end to this four-part series. Join Ramona Chirica of Studio Receptor for some final insights on Bucharest's local illustrators. Take a look at the one's worth checking out!

Published by Guest on 06/03/2018

In 2017 we have seen local illustration taking over basically everything one can imagine: from book covers to ceramic plates to silk scarves, quirky toys, playing cards and real cars, wearables and breakables, walls and windows, chairs and pillows, buses and sidewalks. In a community where illustration has forever since been the synonym of 'children’s books,' it has finally ventured some steps beyond and discovered the many other forms it can take.

As Bucharest is still the most spoiled city in Romania regarding the number of exhibitions, art fairs, shops and events dedicated to illustration, here goes a short recap of some of the most recent illustration happenings around:  

20 hot Romanian illustrators you should already be following on Instagram

Here are some of my favorite Romanian illustrators working both on local grounds & abroad. The list of illustrators I appreciate is obviously bigger and bigger with each passing year, and hopefully more will join this visually addictive platform soon. 

10 Girls 

1. Aitch - @aitch.ro

2. Andreea Dobrin Dinu - @summerkid_works

3. Mădălina Andronic - @madalina_andronic

4. Camellie - @camellie 

5. Sorina Vazelina - @sorinavazelina

6. Maria Stoian - @maria_stoian

7. Paula Rusu - @secondpaularusu 

8. Ioana Șopov - @grimbanana

9. Livia Coloji - @liviacoloji 

10. Loreta Isac - @loreta_isac

10 Guys

1. Saddo - @saddo.ro

2. PADURE - @padure_daniel

3. Ghica Popa - @ghicapopa

4. Teodoru Badiu - @theodoru

5. Radu Pop / NOPER - @noperator

6. Răzvan Cornici - @razvancornici

7. KITRA - @kitragram

8. Cristi Iacob - @staringelf

9. Tücs Ke - @tucs.ke

10. Mircea Popescu - @mircea.popescu

Words by Ramona Chirica of
Studio Receptor

Ramona 1

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