Los Angeles Best Three 2016

A selection of the three best 2016 articles from L.A., chosen by captains Mike & Jonathan.

Published by Mike on 29/12/2016

1. Maiden L.A.

A county-wide network of contemporary art events brings together Los Angeles’s diverse creative community, revealing the often misunderstood city to be much more than just a land of fame and fiction. By captain Jonathan.

Read the article here: https://www.acitymadebypeople.com/journal/maiden-la

2. Local Heroes #54 - Abstract Technical with Mike Nesbit

Michael Nesbit is a native Angeleno visual artist based in Downtown L.A. Time to get him to know a little better.

Read the interview here: https://www.acitymadebypeople.com/journal/local-heroes-54-abstract-technical-with-mike-nesbit

3. L.A. meets itself on the Metro

People do in fact walk in L.A. They also use the metro. Los Angeles’s city and regional public transportation is an opportunity to change the way we look at our city.

Read the article here: https://www.acitymadebypeople.com/journal/la-meets-itself-on-the-metro

- Mike & Jonathan -

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