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It's Christmas-time in Oslo, which means sparkly lights, colder nights, and a lot of rowdy Christmas parties to look your best for. If you want something unique to wear to your "julebord" (business christmas party) or need the perfect gift for the fashionable men in your life, a handcrafted bow tie is just what you've been looking for.

Published by Guest on 04/12/2014

Anders Pettersen and Arturo Finschi, founders of the Oslo-based brand Made From Leftovers, took a few minutes out of their busiest tie-making season to talk about how their business was born and why their vintage-styled, sustainable bow ties can be an all-occasion accessory.


Where did Made From Leftovers come from? And why bow ties?
Arturo has been a long time user of bow ties, and started making his own. Because he had gotten a lot of good feedback on those, we together developed the product we have today.

We want to show that bow ties are not only for black tie or other formal occasions, but it's an accessory that can also be used for more informal occasions. The fabric we use in the bow ties is more informal than others. Our style is a vintage one, similar to the way our grandparents dressed.


Where do your "leftovers" come from?
The bow ties are made from the last couple of meters of rolls of fabric from factories and shops, or from leftover fabric from the production of other garments. We call the fabric "leftovers" because they could have ended up being waste.

Our main focus is to sell a high quality product with nice design that people want to wear, and obviously products should be made as sustainable as possible.


Who makes the ties, and where?
We make the bow ties ourselves in our atelier in Oslo.



What makes Oslo a good city for selling a unique product like this?
We see that people are very interested in our products, and we've been getting very good feedback. This is of course very motivating. Oslo has developed to a city with a large focus on independent and high-quality products.



Where do you see the future of your business?
We want to develop into offering other products in the line of accessories for men. We are working on making lapel pins and boutonnières, and we are the Norwegian agents for Pocketmen, a Dutch modern alternative to the stylish pocket square.

"Oslo has developed to a city with a large focus on independent and high-quality products."


And finally, why does a Made from Leftovers bow tie make a great Christmas present?
Our bow ties will make you look good and stick out from the crowd.


Made from Leftovers bow ties can be found in Grünerløkka at Dapper, which specializes in clothing, shaving products, and bicycles. The ties can also be ordered from the Made from Leftovers online boutique, and will be sold at the Designers Christmas Market this Saturday 6/12 and Sunday 7/12 from 10:00-18:00 at DogA in Oslo.

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Photography by Susanne Hovda and Rein Raaholdt

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