From a garage to a design store - Madrid textile artist Designvand

Madrid’s coolest design brand invited us to their private workshop to experience how it's like to be a textile artist.

Published by Marta on 15/08/2016

It all started 4 or 5 years ago, where all successful business starts: in a garage. Garages have something special. They are the coldest part of the house, where we storage tools, wine or a car. Maybe it's because of that naked, unfinished atmosphere in this space, that also inspires our naked mind and unfinished ideas that get turned into real projects.

Designvand Madrid

Leaving the comfort zone

Javi and a couple of friends, started to produce their own t-shirts with original designs, just for the fun of it. But this took a turn when he met Dani and Pollo, that proposed him to go to the next level. Why not creating their own business out of it? These two young economists with more creative motivations managed to convince him, and in 2015, Designvand was born in a little store somewhere in Madrid.

Designvand Madrid

They wanted to do something, change their lives somehow and along with it also a little part of the society around them. In a vast ocean of companies that grow and grow, standing out from the crowd is not an easy task, and of course they knew this. Nevertheless, their aim has never been to reach the peak of success, whilst competing with textile giants, but to create something to call their own and which could make them feel useful in a sense.

Designvand Madrid

Longing for a change

With different bottles of paint and a big octopus look-alike machine on the top floor of the shop, the Designvand crew produce t-shirts in collaboration with several brands. They could easily produce cheap t-shirts that will save them time and money, because the amount of fun will be the same and the income much higher. But mainstream is not their thing.

Designvand Madrid

Their originality lives in the eagerness of promoting a change, in educating people’s taste for handcrafted products. They put the bet from organic fabrics and cotton, that make the tangible quality difference in their products, to the not that tangible battle against child labor. With the first collection released last Spring, they already look forward to what's ahead of them. They now want to start growing and that means moving away from silk-screen printing to be able to diversify.

Designvand Madrid

Their hands are the ones getting all dirty with paint and even if many “trial & errors” are needed before achieving a final result. And what at first started as an experiment longing to fulfill their creative passions is now their working routine. Spending some hours with them are enough to proof that we are not just what they like to call the generation lost in the backlash of the global crisis. They are indeed a restless minds generation and not afraid to leave their comfort zone and live. That is already making a change.

- Marta -

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