Exploring Madrid Through the Lens of a Photographer

Our Correspondent Marta went on a virtual stroll through Madrid to explore the city's top instagrammers. Follow her as she takes you on a visual paradise though the lens of a photographer.

Published by Marta on 07/10/2016

The sun was shining and October didn’t want autumn to start settling down. Anyway, it was a warm Sunday and I wasn’t ready to stay in bed all day, so thanks to technology my no-plans schedule was instantly saved. It all started with cool cameras, coffee and some photographers trying to guide me to my own city. And I just allowed myself to be taken through my streets. The only thing that changed were the eyes through whom the city was seen.

Joel Filip 

This portuguese Digital Art Director, moved to Madrid two years ago already. Even though Lisbon remains his first love, he is learning to love the Spanish capital with the help of long strolls and his camera lense. Light, water, and architecture are the main component of his photographs.

Madrid’s streets are vivacious, eclectic, and filled with its people’s joie-de-vie. Every time I am out, I find new and interesting ways to capture its essence. I look forward in continuing Madrid’s story through my lens, as its corners appear to be re-writing themselves into an edgier and dynamic story.


“After living in Madrid for the last two years, I have learned to always carry my camera on my outings. The city’s minimalistic yet aesthetically attractive architecture has challenged me to discover everything the city has to offer. Its energy reminds me of my youth’s desire to live somewhere with this kind of atmosphere.”

Bogdan Balaceanu

Originally from Romania, no matter if shooting analog or digital his pictures are a combination of life, coffee vibes, magical corners, and people from all over the world. He spends his life between Paris and Madrid, hoarding memories and experiences, and this is how he gets to see his city everytime he comes back home.

“You know that old cliché saying you have to lose something to appreciate its value? That's what happens when you change cities and then one day you come back. You realised you took your city for granted while living abroad and now you pay more attention to small details. As a result you become a tourist in your own town.”


Nowadays is hard to find a good selection of blogs or accounts among social media that are really valuable, that say something different. The amount of new bloggers that pop up each day is insane. But that’s what I love about this, the challenging fact of navigating through them and the joy of finding somebody I can feel connected to. Or most accurately, to his images. And the story behind them.

To be able to find a right selection of people doing what they love and being not only good but also creative about it. The competition of being relevant out there can be hard, but once I got to meet this people is not about your virtual engagement, but the connection with the place you get to capture. Lucky me I got to meet the person behind the account. And just enjoyed the stroll.

Words by Marta

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