Meet the Faces Behind our Journal on City Life & Culture, Issue 2

Our network of city correspondents have put so much work into sharing city life and culture with us. We thought we’d show some love in return and tell you a little bit more about them.

Published by Guest on 25/09/2017

Last month we released the second issue of A City Made by People; a journal on city life and culture. As part of our look behind-the-scenes, we reached out to our city correspondents to see what they have to say about being a part of our journey. We asked them, 'What can people take from this journal on city culture?' - and here's what they answered, enjoy!

Acmbp Campaign Collective Lindsey Raluca

Seattle-based Correspondent: Lindsey (Left)
"This journal is like an old friend who is excited to introduce to you all of their friends and take you to the seedy bar that has the best view of the city. City culture changes every day no matter where you are, and this journal ties together individuals across the world with the universal feelings of excitement and love for the things that make each home unique.

Bucharest-based Correspondent: Raluca (Right)
"The journal is keeping you connected with the city vibes and always offers a fresh perspective on creative voices of our time. It portraits hidden gems of cities with all its cultural mixes and all of that makes you feel a never ending urban exploration.

Acmbp Campaign Amsterdam Mio

Amsterdam-based Correspondent: Mio
"I love that this journal is unlocking fascinating insights of people, movements, and subcultures that you otherwise wouldn't have heard of. Brought to you by a network of citizens with a passion for sharing these local stories."

"I really feel that our shared love for this city and its inhabitants shines off these pages." - Richard
Acmbp Campaign Collective Marta Adriana

Madrid-based Correspondent: Marta (Left)
"A sense of belonging with the place you live in; aiming to connect with the streets and people you are surrounded by. And also a common passion through the different stories of all the writers in the journal that connect them all somehow, despite the distance between them."⠀

Bucharest-based Correspondent: Adriana (Right)
"Read our journal if you want to catch a glimpse of cities' real atmosphere. Sense the electrifying urban vibes through words & visuals!"

Acmbp Campaign Print Julie Robyn

Seattle-based Captain: Julie (Left)
"Cities are so much more than empty vessels for us to live in - they're reflections of our collective souls, carrying unique personalities and quirks within themselves. Having increased opportunities to explore, write, and talk to fellow citizens in Seattle has not only sparked new relationships but has allowed me to understand more about myself, through the lens of my city."

"Brought to you by a network of citizens with a passion for sharing these local stories.” - Mio

Amsterdam-based Correspondent: Robyn (Right)
"By digging deep into the culture of a city you really get to know a place; to uncover its native secrets and hidden quirks. These are the stories that this journal tells. And these are the stories you need to hear."

Acmbp Campaign Amsterdam Richard

Amsterdam-based Photographer: Richard
"I'm super proud to form a part of this journal. The chance to work along side fellow passionate Amsterdammers looking to unlock the otherwise hidden and bring it to a wider audience continues to inspire me. I really feel that our shared love for this city and its inhabitants shines off these pages. Also, it feels so nice to have a tangible copy in hand... Viva la printed version. Get yours before its too late.” ⠀

Acmbp Campaign Collective Antonio Kayhe

Madrid-based Photographer: Antonio (Left)
"It makes you visit far away places without moving, but feeling close to the stories by connecting with the personal view of the writer.”

Amsterdam-based Correspondent: Keyhé (Right)
"There is something about reading this journal that can feel like discomfort at first because you’re confronted with different cultures. The further you get into it, the more you realize it’s actually a good thing: it promotes personal growth.

These are the minds and makers behind our creative pages. We're extremely thankful to all our city correspondents in the making of Issue 2 and hope you'll enjoy reading through its pages. Don't miss out on your copy, visit our online store today! 

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