Melbourne may be the world's most liveable city

Our first city 'down-under'. We have an awesome team who will be running the Melbourne chapter. Welcome!

Published by Netta on 05/07/2017

Welcome to Melbourne, the world’s most ‘liveable’ city, home to all cuisines, exceptional coffee and four seasons in one day.

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It’s been described as the soul to which Sydney is the face. The warmth and vitality contagious to anyone that visits and with each new neighbourhood comes a completely new vibe. With one of the world’s largest tram systems in the world, take yourself across the city with ease. Venturing from the beach through to the suburbs can make you feel like you’ve travelled to a new city. Although each ‘burb is as hot on their coffee, culture and food as the next, you will find yourself in a community within each one and maybe a little friendly competition between.

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Bound together by the music the city produces, there’s no limit on genres and the mixing pot continues to expand. For the price of a pint expect to catch a band any day of the week at your local haunt.

When it comes to art there’s always something happening, whether it’s location specific or the whole city - you’ll never not have something to see. Hence the creatives flocking from all around the world. Those unafraid of pushing boundaries, the kindred spirits waiting to come together.

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Boasting a strong European vibe, Melbourne naturally attracts everyone, from everywhere. People are yearning to call this city home and to bring with them their culture. Thanks to this, the multiculturalism makes for an extremely livable and welcoming city and if you’re a foodie this is definitely the place to be.

Take a walk through the city and you’ll find yourself lost in the laneways. Lined with vibrant cafes and full of commotion, you’ll feel like you’re walking through somewhere in Lisbon or Paris. Despite being renowned for the temperamental weather, a year-round al fresco experience is offered throughout the city.

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With the young history of Australia, it’s well known that Melbourne is the place to visit if one wants to gaze at old Victorian styled facades.

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Welcome to Melbourne!

- Sarah Caust and Netta Justice -

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