Shedding light on citizens who deserve it - Christmas, 2015

Let's not only celebrate Christmas through food, drinks, trees and decoration, but let us think of those people who deserve some extra attention. Merry Christmas!

Published by Robin on 24/12/2015

Where do you think of when you think of Christmas? We like to think of being together, part of a community and cherishing the special people surrounding us. Therefore, we've decided to do something special for those we appreciate, by saying 'Thank You'.

See for yourself, handpicked by each of our cities, putting citizen in a spotlight because we think they're deserve it.

From team Rotterdam, a Christmas wish going out to:

'Cherelle is a beautiful and inspiring young Rotterdammer who has spent the last year battling an aggressive cancer whilst still maintaining her own creative business and sharing her positivity with the Instagram world. She is a shining star whose love for her city is infectious. Wishing you a happy and healthy Christmas Cherelle!'

From team ‪#‎Bucharest‬, a Christmas wish going out to:

'Radu Jude, a Romanian film director that, in a premiere for the country, won the Silver Bear at this year’s Berlinale for his highly acclaimed “Aferim!”. We’d like to thank him for offering an authentic, well-documented and all the while artistic interpretation on the topic of Roma slavery in Romania during the 19th century. Make sure you watch the movie if you get the chance!' - Craciun fericit! -

From team ‪‎Madrid‬, a Christmas wish going out to:

'We want to say thanks to José Luis for keeping the family business for more than 23 years, maintaining the tradition and keeping the neighborhood choose him over the new trendy bakeries that are popping out around.

"This is disappearing. Nowadays you don't find bakeries where real bread is being made." José Luis (Horno de San Miguel)' - Feliz Navidad -

From team ‪Amsterdam‬, a Christmas wish going out to:

William, the homeless newspaper seller who greets us everyday at our local super market.

'I'm thankful for all the people who always kindly greet me. The younger people usually don't do that but some do. I'm especially thankful for the people who sometimes buy food and drinks for me when they go grocery shopping here at the super market. I tell them God bless you." Vrolijk kerstfeest William!

And ofcourse, to all and everyone one of you: a very Merry Christmas!


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